Television announcer

news anchor

Television announcers present news, weather, commentary, or music on television. At smaller TV stations, announcers also may operate studio equipment, produce recorded material like shows and commercials, sell commercial space to advertisers, and edit content on their stations’ websites.

Sometimes, announcers also appear at community events and festivals, often performing the MC functions, especially if an event is sponsored by the announcer’s station.

As media personalities, announcers are often expected to maintain and regularly update social media accounts, in order to engage their audiences and help their stations maintain good ratings.

This diverse range of activities requires a multitude of skills, such as researching and evaluating sources, writing, video production, on-camera performance, on-air performance, teamwork, as well as website and social media management. In addition, announcers need to stay up to date with current events, as well as developments in their fields, in order to be able to competently discuss them on air and develop content on these topics.

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