Overthinking Artwork lol

Written and Illustrated by Tremaine LaFair

If there’s one thing I know how to do, is overthink. I overthink everything, including art. I overthink what I’m drawing, how good it is, the subject matter and whether to post it, everything. So for this blog post, I’ll be overthinking about a few pieces I’ve made.

First Up! A piece I’ll call “Autumn Falls”

Autumn falls is a piece I made back in 2023 during my fall semester for the West Chester newspaper. UUUUUUGH! I hate thinking about it. Not that I tried and it wasn’t super crazy good art. It was never gonna be the best but I could’ve don’t so much better but time just took too long. But this piece I based off a J. C. Leyendecker painting that I really liked. So I drew the two similarly main characters of the newspaper comic similarly. I didn’t finish this because school picked up and I just couldn’t complete it. The sketch is good though, I may finish it one day but when? I don’t know.

*Heyendecker painting

Next up! Inktober 2020 Day 4: Radio

I genuinely like this piece I did with the theme of radio. So I thought why not use Jet Set Radio as an inspiration. I don’t have many nostalgia for the game series but it does have a nice aesthetic, looks pretty good in my opinion. It’s been almost 4 years and I still like the piece. I did a great job inking the piece with its line-art and screen tones. I drew two of my original characters as the two character Beat and Gum in the game.

Last Up! Listen Up!! Gang Warefare!!!

This is the cover of what was supposed to be a comic for a school assignment in my African American Communications Class. The comic was going to be about these two children of color playing with guns and how they can be perceived differently from other races playing with guns when they could be playing the same games. I got this idea after staying over my friend’s house in Maryland and hearing how him and his friends when they were kids would playing with air-soft guns a lot.

But back to the comic! I drafted it but scrapped it because I didn’t like the premise. I felt like I had to restrict myself a bit because of it being a school project plus I couldn’t really have fun with it at a certain point… But I tried.

*Scrapped remanent of comic

Anyways, thank you for reading/viewing! Heheh! Bye-Bye!!