5 places to visit in town (Based on your interests!)

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For anyone else stuck on campus during Spring Break, like myself; I’m bound to end up feeling bored with nothing to do. The great thing about downtown West Chester, is it offers an array of shops and boutiques for the locals and college students to enjoy, but it can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve compiled a list of 5 of my favorite places in town that you can stop by during your break.

1. The Prana House – 104 S High Street

For all my crystal lovers out there, The Prana House is a great place to visit. It is a New Age herbal apothecary that sells crystals, herbs, oils, and blessed tea blends. Along with books, tarot decks, candles, incense, and smudging supplies. They even host workshops and events to learn about a range of topics from moon meditation to Herbal 101. Prana House is a great environment and fun visit for anyone interested in all things witchy.

2. Fairman’s – 43 W Gay St

Fairman’s is perfect for anyone who loves to skateboard, looking for fellow skaters or even interested in learning how to skate. The skate shop located on Gay St, sells anything you would need to start your skating journey. They offer hardware, accessories, apparel, and even proper skate shoes. Additionally, Fairman’s also holds private lessons along with summer camps, so students can improve their abilities.

3. Record Stores
Creep Records, 133 W Gay St.

Creep Records is a great environment with friendly staff for music lovers of all genres. They sell vinyl’s, CDs, and merch all at reasonable prices.

A second great record store in town is Hop Fidelity. This place is great for music lovers who are also 21 or older, as they serve alcohol inside the store as you browse the merchandise.

4. Second Reading Bookstore – 32 N Church St.

Second Reading is a used book bookstore. The books are in excellent condition and they accept donations every day. All proceeds go towards the senior center, and they have great deals weekly. My personal favorite is their 18 dollar bag sale. You can fit as many books as you can inside a bag, and pay a flat rate of $18. Great deal for college students who love to read and are on a budget.

5. Coffee Shops
Gryphon Café, 111 W Gay St.

As a huge coffee drinker myself, one of my favorite things about West Chester is that there’s at least one coffee shop on every street. So, you have plenty of options to explore and find your favorite. Here are my two personal recommendations. Gryphon Café is the perfect place to sit back, relax, with a cup of coffee and get some work down. The coffee shop offers a bunch of different drinks along with food.

If you’re looking for a quick grab and go coffee, I would recommend Dia Doce located on High Street. Dia Doce is a cupcake store with a coffee bar. Go get a coffee and cupcake and explore town. Every week they have new cupcake flavors, and fun coffee drinks every holiday and season.