5 Tips to Prepare You for Your First Music Festival

By: Declan Lyons

A few things you should know…

Attending your first music festival can be a bit daunting, especially if you have not been to many concerts. There are many precautions you should take such as drinking enough water or applying the right amount of sunscreen. These festivals are full of good vibes with friends, great live music, and endless entertainment. 76% of music festivals across America take place during the summer, which calls for remarkably hot weather. On average, these festivals typically last 2-4 days. It can be overwhelming for someone who has not had much concert experience.

Here are 5 tips to prepare you for your first music festival!

1. Stay Hydrated At All Times

When attending music festivals especially in the summer, what happens? It gets hot… really, really hot. You cannot drink enough water throughout the day at the festival. There are many water refill stations located in the festival. It is recommended that you bring in an empty bottle such as a hydro flask because bottles with liquid in them are prohibited. Camelbacks are an exception and also an easy way to access your water. Hydrating is key at festivals, since you are walking around all day, your body needs to be replenished.

2. Wear Sensible Shoes

Don’t wear open toed shoes such as flip flops or slides. Wear sneakers that you are comfortable in. By wearing sneakers, your feet will be protected from getting stepped on in the huge crowds you might be in. The weather might change as well, and you do not want to be stepping in mud while it is pouring rain. Don’t wear your most expensive pair of shoes/sneakers either. The shoes you wear to the festival are almost guaranteed to get dirty, so avoid wearing your “favorite” pair.

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3. Fully Charged Phone

Please and I mean PLEASE make sure your phone is fully charged before entering the festival. If you get separated from your people for whatever reason and you need to contact them, you would be thankful your phone is charged. You are allowed to bring in portable chargers as well, so in case you phone battery becomes low, then you would be able to charge it. Ways you can save the battery percent on your phone is not going on it as much as you usually would. Try to only use your phone when it is neccessary such as making a quick text or phone call.

4. Get off the Phone

When an artist or band is performing, try not to record the whole entire set. There is nothing wrong with taking a few videos, but you might miss out on the “in the moment” feeling. Nowadays when people go to concerts, they record a lot of the show and then end up forgetting the “being there” feeling. Just relax, dance with your friends, scream the lyrics, and enjoy the show. Not everything needs to be recorded. Remember, the point of live music is to experience it LIVE, not on your camera.

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5. Bring Sunscreen

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Sunscreen is probably my best friend at music festivals along with water. Majority of festivals can last up to 12 hours and for half that time you are in the beaming hot sun. Festivals will allow you to bring sunscreen in so take advantage of that as much as you can. The last thing you want is to get sunburn on the first day and have to deal with it until the weekend is over. If you get burnt easily, try to apply every 1-2 hours so that you will not get sunburn.

In all, you want to make sure you take care of yourself. Wear appropriate attire, drink lots of water, and stay close to your group. Music festivals should be fun and full of good vibes. Checkout other artists you may not be familiar with and you might just find your new favorite band! Also, plan what artists set you want to see each day and try to see as many artists as you can to get your money’s worth. Ticket prices for General Admission can range from $200-$500 so make sure you spend your time wisely. With the rules of COVID-19 changing every day, music festivals are starting up again. This is great for concert-goers like myself, because we can finally see our favorite artists again.