The Importance of Getting Up and Away: How to Destress During Finals


When Times Get Tough, I Get Out (for a bit)

Is anyone else counting the last days of the semester? 25 lesson plans, 2 papers, 2 group projects, and 4 finals according to my syllabi. That’s all that stands between me and graduation. While we are in the home stretch, relaxation still seems far from reach. There are times I wish I could just throw in the towel and call it quits. When that happens sometimes the best thing to do in order to avoid complete overload is to just get away.
So that’s what I did. I packed up and packed out to get away and destress during the weeks leading up to finals. I took the afternoon to get away from campus and enjoy an activity that naturally lowers stress levels. Hiking.
Well, I actually just took a walk in a park. And it was exactly what I needed before a long night in the library. So I’m going to share the benefits of my trip and maybe inspire you to go on your own.  

1. Health Benefits

Who can’t use a few extra miles logged? At this point in the semester, some students treck most of their steps during the walk from their table in the library to the Starbucks line. Exercise can be a natural way to destress during finals. Many students may be skipping their workouts entirely in order to get a few extra hours of studying in or maybe to catch up on sleep. Taking a hike could be a good workout alternative. Not to mention…

Exercise as a way to destress during finals

2. Giving Back

Since it was earth day it felt wrong not to pick up litter along the way. As we walked the trails we collected the trash we saw. It was pleasantly surprising to find how clean the park already was.

3. Quality Time with Friends

It’s a great way to spend quality time with those friends. Invite a group, make it a time to get together with those friends you don’t live with. Anymore everyone’s schedules are so conflicting it is hard to find time to spend together. Going on a walk is a great way to catch up with each other while also enjoying the other benefits. Like…

How to destress during finals by spending time with friends

4. Getting to Write it off as Doing Work

Who doesn’t love to kill two bird with one stone? If you’re like me and can write off your excuse as working on a project why not do it. Sometimes you need to go out and find inspiration and spending to much time looking at concrete blocks could drive a person mad.

5. Pup Play Time

They’re man’s best friend anyway. Dogs are also supposed to help reduce stress in people. Spending time with a furry friend may be just the thing to brighten up your day. If you have access to a dog a highly recommend bringing one. They definitely elevate the experience.

Destressing during finals with dogs

6. Time in Nature

Our world is really something special. Take a second pick a nice spot to go. It’s another thing that will only enhance the experience. The park I chose had some beautiful trees and waterfalls. A great spot can give social media lovers some great content.

Being in nature to destress during finals

7. Downsides

As perfect as the afternoon was there were a few downsides. First, Ticks. Maybe being with a dog made us hyperaware of their presence but either way, do not forget to tick check when you get home. And then, of course, there’s always the work that you still have to complete at some point.
As long as you allow yourself to truly put your work to the side and enjoy the time it will pay off later. Rember it is important to take time for yourself.  

So now that you know how I destress during finals I’ll leave you with one last piece of information. This beautiful background for the article pictures was provided by The Newlin Grist Mill Park.