Ear Candy Seg. 6

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Ear Candy is a segment where WCU Media and Culture Senior, Jamari Brown. Reviews/critiques musical projects from different genres that he thinks would be great to listen to.



“Dirty Nachos” by Chief Keef

Dirty Nachos by Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It (album.link)

Chief Keef, who some may call the Chicago drill-rap legend; has recently released an 18-song project of raw, treacherous trap music, which needs to be at the top of Ear Candy this week. Chief Keef entered the rap industry when he was 16 with his hit song “Love Sosa” which was released the day Keef was released from house arrest back in 2012. Since then, he hasn’t taken his foot off the gas pedal when it comes to making these “hood classics”. People call him the “King of Drill” because he was the first rapper to make drill rap global with his hit songs “Love Sosa” and “Faneto”.

This new project “Dirty Nachos” brings the listeners back to that 16-year-old, hungry to win type of vibe. It will take you back to the era where rappers would pass out their CDs and mixtapes on the street; just to maybe get that one fortunate person to discover them. The hunger and the grit is all in the music. if you appreciate the mixtape era, if you appreciate drill music, and if you appreciate the motivation and grind it takes to come out on top. This is a project for you.

If you are into artists such as G Herbo, Lil Durk, Future, Kodak Black, etc. Then this is a project for you! You can find it on all music streaming platforms.



“R e a l W o m a n” by PARTYNEXTDOOR

R e a l W o m a n by PARTYNEXTDOOR (song.link)

PARTYNEXTDOOR, the Ontario native has released a new song on March 15th, 2024. The world was introduced to PARTYNEXTDOOR by his good friend and top rap artist, Drake. He is also known for his writing and melodizing skills. He has written for artists such as Drake, Rihanna, Usher, Kanye West, Post Malone, and the list goes on. Most of the songs he writes and sings have some type of heartfelt and soully feel to it.

This song also has that type of feel to it. PARTYNEXTDOOR explains in the song the type of woman he would make his wife. He shares the exact things he would do for that woman if she matched the criteria he is singing about. “I checked her booking, she been busy for a week. She and her girls, I ain’t even gotta creep. Do what she wants, yeah. Everything she ever wanted, give me just what I want, yeah. That’s the type, that’s the type of girl I’d make my wifey.”

If you love artists like Drake, Frank Ocean, Bryson Tiller, Summer Walker. Then this is definitely a song for you. You can find this song on all music streaming platforms.



“Technicolor” by Justin Timberlake

Everything I Thought It Was by Justin Timberlake (album.link)

Justin Timberlake, the pop music legend has recently released an album called “Everything I Thought I Was”. It has been 6 years since his last album so was very eager to listen to it. There was a song that caught my ear, and I had no choice but to add it to my playlist.

“Techicolor” seems to be about how his love for this significant other is so strong that it is one of the things that bring color to his life but also means he wants to make an explicit film with this individual so the love they had would never be forgotten. Kind of like the saying “take a picture, it’ll last longer. “Let’s make love in technicolor, use all of our sound and sight. ‘Cause I don’t want to love another, and that’s the only thing black and white, I just want to film this feeling.” From this chorus you get the gist of the song and throughout the rest of the song, *NSYNC’s former lead explains in deeper contexts what he means leading into the chorus. If you are into songs like “Suit & Tie” or “Mirrors” (a couple of his hit songs); then you would love this song. You can find this song on all music streaming platforms.



“Catch Me” by The Big Hash

HEARTBREAK HOTEL by The Big Hash (album.link)

The Big Hash, the South African native is on a come up and has released his newest album “Heartbreak Hotel” on March 15th, 2024. There was one particular song off of it that caught my attention; “Catch Me”. The song is about how Hash tried his best to keep a relationship going with his significant other but the time and effort he was putting into the relationship was far more time and effort than she was putting in. She wasn’t giving him the same energy he was putting in, so he chose that the best thing to do was to leave. “You say you into sunflowers, but you far from one, why you lie to me? Say you on the job, don’t act like I’m not busy but I still made the time when you hit my line, couldn’t do the same for me, one sided conversation, Girl you got me talking to the walls that you built to hide from me.” What I love about this hook and this song is that there are so many things to relate to. It gives in depth what the problems were in the relationship and that isn’t normal in music today. Everything is so broadly discussed. Throughout the rest of the song, he speaks on the problems and red flags. This song holds a special place in my heart. I highly recommend listening to it. You can find this song on all music streaming platforms.