Top Restaurants In West Chester for Students

Restaurants In West Chester

How to choose a restaurant

 As a student at West Chester University and an employee who works long hours, I spend a lot of time eating out. After a long day, I dread going home and cooking a meal. I prefer to go into town and have a nice meal prepared for me in an environment where I can relax, have a drink, and socialize. There are many factors that attract me to a restaurant such has the environment, offered deals, and food types. With so many restaurants to choose from, how do you know which ones are for you?

A spot that I enjoy going to is Landmark Americana. They have a great menu that consists of fun appetizers, filling sandwiches, and delicious dinner platters. No matter what you’re in the mood for, there is most likely an item for you. They also include a full menu of gluten free items so that no one is left out. Another aspect that attracts me to Landmark is their specials. They have happy hour Monday through Friday 4-7. This is a great for college students because you get more bang for your buck. The happy hour specials include drinks and food specials, great for sharing apps with friends while destressing after a long day. Provided below are other fellow WCU students and their opinion’s when asked “what their favorite place to eat in town is”.

Abby (Student at WCU) Side Bar :

I really enjoy going to Side Bar because the atmosphere there is calm and mature. They provide great service and delicious food. They offer delicious plantain chips that they make in the restaurant that are served with different dipping sauces. I find that my friends and I choose to go there because when we finish classes and want to unwind, we can do so at Side Bar without any distractions.

Brianne (Student at WCU) Iron Hill Brewery :

I enjoy Iron Hill Brewery because they have so many options! Every time I go there I order the club wrap. My friends and I always order a bunch of appetizers and share them because they are all so tasty. We like to go during their happy hour which is from 5-7 because we get great deals and great food. Another reason I like Iron Hill is because they brew their own beer in the restaurant. The dining area is so open and I feel that it’s a great place to just eat and hangout without the feeling of being overwhelmed by other surrounding customers.

Restaurants In West Chester

Lauren (student at WCU) Teca :

A restaurant that comes to mind that my friends and I really enjoy is Teca.  They have a combination of Italian and Mediterranean food. A main reason I like going there is because I enjoy the environment. They have outside seating that is great for getting together with friends while enjoying great food. Their food is on the pricier side but they provide large portions.

Victoria (Graduate student) Barnaby’s :

Barnaby’s really exceeded my expectations for bar food. A favorite item of mine is their potato soup, I get it every time. I enjoy their patio seating and bar, I would have to say it’s one of the nicest in town. There are is a lot of different dining areas inside as well. The bartenders and servers are very friendly and welcoming. Every day they offer different specials that keep my friends and I going back.

With Friday just around the corner, take a break from your school work, grab some friends and explore West Chester! Find the restaurant that suites you, your taste buds, and your friends. With so many to choose from, the decision is left up to you! Use the links provided to learn about all the great menu items and specials the restaurants have to offer. Enjoy!