Daily Duties as a Blog Editor and Content Creator

During the Fall semester of 2019, I was the blog editor of comstudent.org. I was also the content creator for their Facebook and Instagram accounts. As a content creator, the work is fast paced and plentiful. There is always so much to do and the possibilities are really endless. If you’re someone that loves to come up with new and exciting ideas, then you may enjoy this job as much as I did!

Comstudent.org is a student-run emag about communication and its impact on your career and life. We post career guides, interviews with inspiring people, and some great advice about many different topics. Through WordPress I was able to access hundreds of student blogs and publish the most engaging posts to the website. Before any of the blogs were published, they all went through a thorough editing process. The content had to be well written and the visuals had to be good as well. The blogs also had to have a good SEO analysis score. Good SEO scores consist of proper key phrase amount, text length, and a meta description just to name a few. 

The next necessity the blog needed to pass was a good readability score. To have a good score the following was needed: appropriate paragraph and sentence length, transition words, and a maximum of 10% passive voice. The last thing was to file it into the proper category and add appropriate tags relating to the topic of the blog. 

As a content creator, I met with my professor to discuss new marketing strategies for MDC classes. We also came up with new media class assignments for students to work on during the semester. Over the semester I created multiple class flyers promoting different MDC classes. These flyers included some helpful information about the classes such as sample projects and skills learned. They were posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram stories. 

Not only did I create content, but I also reviewed and edited students content as well to be posted on Comstudent’s social media accounts. I scheduled some of these posts out for future dates on both Hootsuite and Facebook. I also wrote proper verbiage to accompany the content. 

Even though the work was never-ending due to there being an unlimited amount of content possibilities, I never felt overwhelmed. I was always excited and willing to work on new designs and continue editing. When you find something you’re truly passionate about, it will never feel like you’re working!