How to Balance Stress and Anxiety During the Semester

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College can be the best four years of your life. On the other hand, no one really prepares you for how much stress and anxiety college can cause you as well. Moving away from home, living with strangers, getting a part-time job or an internship, and balancing classes on top of that. No wonder mental health has become a huge topic of discussion among college campuses. I got diagnosed with anxiety in my junior year. After going through these tough experiences, I can now help you by giving you some useful tips and tricks on how to balance it all and be successful.

Freshman year was the hardest year for me. It had a big impact on the anxiety that I had developed while being in college. As I just mentioned, I came to West Chester as a Marketing major but that did not last very long. After my first semester here my GPA fell very low. I have been struggling ever since then to bring it up. Sophomore year my grades were not any better. I was not happy with my major. Then I decided to change to a Communications Studies major.

Make sure that you are studying something you are passionate about.

talking a walk to relieve anxiety

To manage your stress and anxiety keep yourself busy.

I know how I just talked about how stressful college is already, but it’s things such as getting a job or an internship that will help take your mind off of school. It is also a good time to go out and do something whether it’s going out to eat, shopping, or even just taking a walk to clear your mind. Find some time to incorporate your mental health. Keep yourself busy!

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Another thing I use is essential oils.

Essential oils come in a bunch of different scents and you can find them for a decent price on Amazon. Just be sure to read up on it before you make any purchases. It is best to go for the oils that are as natural as possible. Lavender is really good for stress and anxiety, and peppermint is good for focus. I personally like to mix the two together at times to help me focus and relax at the same time. You can either put them on your wrist like perfume before class or work, or you can also diffuse them in an oil diffuser.

        Buy CBD Oil for your anxiety.

The last tip I have for you is to purchase CBD Oil! CBD is a natural substance that comes from the cannabis plant but DOES NOT contain any THC and WILL NOT get you high. It reduces anxiety and chronic pain. It is something that has personally helped me a lot when dealing with my anxiety on a day to day basis. If you have not yet tried it, I highly recommend you do. It comes in different forms such as oil, gummy candy, lotion, spray and a bunch of other ways.