MDC: Production Concentration Courses

As a Media and Culture major, you have three concentrations to choose from; Culture, Production, and Strategic. Today, I will be highlighting three courses from the Production Concentration. These classes are beneficial to your future career and fun to take.

MDC217: Introduction to Video Production

One of the courses I have personal experience with is MDC217. This course teaches students about the basics of the television production process. This includes lighting, audio recording, visual effects, editing and camera operation. It is a very hands-on course and simple for beginners who are looking for a career in production.

We learned the basics of photography, cinematography, redesigning infographics, and even created story scripts. The class activities allowed for us to have freedom and photograph/film in any location of our liking. Students interested in photography and the production of films, would benefit from taking this class.

MDC217 doesn’t require any Pre/Co requisites to take this course.

MDC320: Communication on Television and Radio

MDC320 is a course all about the practice of communicating through television, radio and digital broadcast media. Some topics you would be learning from this course is news reporting, performing in a studio environment and even commercial voice overs. This is a perfect pick for anyone with dreams of working in the entertainment industry, and looking to learn about the technical side of it. 
MDC320 requires Pre / Co requisites: MDC 250 and MDC 251.

MDC203: The Philadelphia Media Experience

MDC203 introduces and exposes students to the history of media professions in Philadelphia. Students in this class will gain media opportunities, and improve their skill set for looking for jobs in media. 

MDC203 doesn’t require Pre/Co requisites to take the course.