MDC: Strategic Communication Concentration Courses

Deciding what major you want to pursue for your college career can already be stressful, combined with having a list of courses to choose from that you have no idea what they are like. When you join the Media and Culture major, you have three concentrations to choose from; Culture, Production, and Strategic Communication. You need six concentration classes, three of which all from your chosen concentration. The last three you can mix and match from the other two. Today we will be taking a closer look at the strategic concentration, and highlighting two courses I’ve taken from it.

MDC325: Strategic Social Media

This course is a fun energetic class that analyzes the relevant topics from the twenty first century. This class is perfect for anyone who loves to discuss the influence media holds over their audience. It will also discuss media literacy, personal identity, community, globalization and the convergence culture. Lastly, this class will give you the opportunity to apply new media to businesses and see how effectively you can use media to influence the audience. 
To take this course, MDC 325 requires prerequisites of MDC 250 and MDC 251, and at least one of the following: MDC 252, MDC 253, or MDC 254.

MDC323: Media Audiences

This course analyzes specifically with measuring the audience. This is a very simple class that gives a good amount of work but allows for enough time and group projects to do it efficiently without any problem. This course’s purpose is to explore various assumptions of media audiences and the different methodological attempts to measure them. MDC 323 will take pop culture media that they are interested in and analyze their media presence and how it is supporting their business. This class is interesting in the fact that it highlights how manipulative the media can truly be and how people in charge of media use factual research in order to get their audience to do what they would like. 
To take this course, MDC 323 requires prerequisites of MDC 250 and MDC 251.

I have taken both courses with Dr. Mahoney. Her classes are professional, well organized and she makes it fascinating to learn. In each class she lets the students analyze media platforms that interest them to make it more appealing. I would highly suggest these classes to anyone in the media and culture major! 

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