How Com friends made me love riding my bike

West Chester Biking

“On your left.” “On your right.” “Excuse me!” “Watch out!” “Excuse me guys,” I say. Coughs a few times. Pumps brakes. Plays music. But when I don’t give people a warning…“Oh my god she scared me,” I hear from behind as I race past students on the sidewalk. I stand on the pedals, turn my head back around and yell, “I’m sorry! This happens every day!” with a playful smile. As I ride my bike through campus every day, I see [and almost run into] my Com friends.


I enjoy these interactions because they are more than just a simple hello. Over my four years, these hellos have turned into what I hoped they would – a plethora of acquaintances, good friends, and even a best friend. I have obtained incredible connections within this major that will impact my future.

Happy Hello’s

Daily, I pass Billy on my sweaty, hilly bike ride from South to North campus. We met in an Advanced Communication Theory class and have seen each other on campus ample times since.   Every time I see him, I receive an infectious smile.

When I hop off my bike because I ran into Danielle– indie music guru, surfer and also my first friend in college– she undoubtedly will make me laugh with her upbeat wit. When we got partnered up freshman year to read each other’s papers, I connected with her as we both wrote about music. We became closer throughout the semester and plan to sit next to each other at graduation.

I hit my breaks and jump off my bike when I see Alexa, whom I met in a Mass Communication class sophomore year. She has become a close friend and we have had loads of experiences together. From countless cups of coffee downtown at Fenn’s to backpacking through Western Europe, I can thank Comm Studies for creating that friendship.

These three people represent the incredible experience I have had of creating interpersonal relationships within the Communication Studies program. They have been vastly enhanced my time spent here on campus. The overwhelming amount of people in this major that have helped paved my path for the future astounds me to this day.

Find Your People

Although I am confident that most Com majors feel similarly, I’d like to propose some advice to prospective and current Com Studies students about. Find the people within this major that you really gravitate towards. Make an effort within those relationships. They are quite likely some of the most valuable connections you will have from college. I’m sure you’ve heard these words a million times before, but my twist on that statement is to truly find the few who you relate to on a different level.

Sometimes, as students, we tend to take these connections for granted because: we’re busy, it’s inconvenient, awkward, we already have other friends, or just don’t want to be rejected and then have to see the person in class. But think about it. We are Com majors. We love the vibes of meeting new people. When you see the opportunity for a genuine connection with a fellow classmate, take it! Don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Odds are, they would be happy to have a new, like-minded Com friend. Regardless of how it turns out, you will have a broader network and it will likely be beneficial to both of you in the future.


Looking Ahead

I am confident that my friendships from Com Studies will be advantageous in my future. It may be as simple as remembering something valuable Danielle said that helps me get through a problem. Billy could be my boss. Maybe Alexa and I will both be living in the same city. When looking back on my Com Studies experience, I will undoubtedly be grateful that I went the extra mile to cultivate those friendships.

As graduation is quickly approaching, I ride my bike around campus with nostalgia. Like always, I see my Com friends and feel blissful that this major granted me such fantastic interactions. I see myself in the next chapter of life riding my bike around my new environment, seeing [and probably almost running into] the new set of people I connect with.