Ear Candy

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A segment where WCU Media and Culture Senior, Jamari Brown. Reviews/critiques musical projects from different genres that he thinks would be great to listen to.



“Walk Away – EP” by Libianca

Libianca, The Cameroon Singer/Songwriter recently released her first project “Walk Away – EP”. This is all coming strongly after her releasing her breakthrough song “People” that debuted at 91 on the Billboard100 on May 13th, 2023. This project that she has released starts off with a soothing emotional feel but also a recognizable, relative problem we as humans have with people that don’t mean so much to us anymore. There are times walking away from the situation is the best option.

With the first song (“In a Way”) explaining Libianca’s relationship that led to the love she lost for the person who at some point she loved the most, and positively turning it from bitter to sweet, she then begins seeing that it has become a blessing from the man above in a way. Throughout this project, Libianca shows how detailed oriented she is. The way she explains and delivers these moments from times that may have scarred her, only goes to reveal how strong and vulnerable she is in her music. And that is indeed the key ingredient to creating the best music and most relatable music in my opinion. I believe if you enjoy groovy, soothing, reflection-able, feel-something music, I strongly recommend Libianca’s “Walk Away – EP”. You can find this project on all streaming platforms.




EKKSTACY, the Vancouver artist starting the new year off with a bang, releasing his third studio album “EKKSTACY” on January 19th, 2024. EKKSTACY is joined on this album by two of some the top artists in the music industry right now The Kid LAROI and Trippie Redd.

The Vancouver artist gives off 90s-2000s Pop Rock vibes. Very different and authentic than other artists in today’s time. In my opinion this album focuses on EKKSTACY’s upbringing and memories from his past. Between the refreshing beat and vibe of the music, he is also diving deep into his thoughts and shares what he is feeling.

In the 4th song “alright”EKKSTACY is explaining how he is in a very confused state of mind that is making him lose himself, he doesn’t know if he is doing this life thing right or wrong. He also explains that he isn’t at the place in life that he wants to be. To bring it all together EKKSTACY wraps up with the chorus that sings, “I guess it’s alright, these things happen, and I don’t care, I’m too distracted, and the days are too long. Am I doing this wrong? Or am I just dumb? Or am I just dumb?”. I feel like in this beautifully made song, he is saying “Oh well, these things happened. Nothing I can do but move forward” when also being anxious about if he is making the right decisions or not.

If you love a refreshing top-down driving through Times Square on a breezy 70-degree night type of music, then this is the album for you. I think you will also like this if you are a fan of Kim Wilde. That is definitely a vibe it gives off. Highly Recommend. You can find this project on all streaming platforms.



“talk to the wind – EP” by UMI

UMI, the upcoming artist from Seattle, Washington has released her “talking to the wind – EP” on January 19th, 2024. Starting her year off with a neo-soul feel. On this project she embraces and communicates love, life, and putting herself first when it comes to trust.

Being able to trust herself in situations that may have her thinking otherwise. In the second song (“happy im”) of the four-song EP. UMI expresses how happy she is when she is with the person she has an intimate relationship with. She explains that she is scared in the process of feeling this love and happiness. But she wouldn’t change it for the world. Her being able to relate to her audience in ways like this is what’s giving her the advantage of gaining fans in my opinion. UMI is unique in numerous ways, giving off a nostalgic ambience from the musical instruments complimenting her voice. You can find this project on all streaming platforms.

UMI’s voice makes me feel like I am jumping into an endless pile of feathers. The song I enjoy the most out of this four-song masterpiece is “not necessarily”. She goes to sing about how even when she is isn’t in the mood or having the best day, she will do anything to keep the person she loves happy. Treating it as a necessity. This song speaks to me and I’m sure it is speaking to you too. Everyone has been in a situation where they didn’t want to do something but still did. To even going as far as putting it as a requirement because of the love they have for the person or people they’re doing it for. This whole EP is highly relatable and heartfelt. I highly recommend a listen. You can find this project on all streaming platforms.



“Timely Warning” by JBrwn

JBrwn, the Central Pennsylvania musician has released his album “Timely Warning” on January 24th, 2024. The project is 10 songs long and each one gives off a very different feel and vibe.

JBrwn’s ability to stay consistently versatile makes him stand out from other artists. He also, tends to be very vulnerable in his music to make it much more relatable than what other musicians talk about. JBrwn even goes as far as sharing his dyslexia disability and seeing it as blessing, not a curse. He speaks about real life situations and things that he has been through in depth.

In the 6th song (“U&Me”) he sang “Every time we pour up yeah we make this s***t clink. Cause we been through way too much of this s***t. yeah we been through way too much clouded skies, yeah we been through way too- look me in the eyes.” As in the lyrics, you can see that he is expressing that even when going through ups and downs in a relationship, a couple that’s meant to be will always shine above the obstacles. And that would even make them even stronger together. I don’t know about you guys, but I have been through plenty of situations where these exact things have happened. I highly recommend this masterpiece of work. You can find this project on all streaming platforms.