Sza’s SOS Tour Takes Philly by Storm: A Night of Redemption

Sza performing Seek and Destroy

Sza, the enchanting, free-spirited R&B superstar, made an unforgettable stop on her SOS Tour in Philadelphia on a Tuesday night that will forever be stamped in the memories of her fans, aka “camp”. This concert held a special significance, not only because of the captivating performance but also because it was a makeup show for the canceled concert originally scheduled for March 2nd. As fans anxiously filled the venue, hoping she wouldn’t cancel at the last minute again, the night was set to be one of joy, redemption, and an absolutely beautiful experience that left me with goosebumps.

Journey to the Arena

Many fans like myself opted to use the subway, and although it was cheap and convenient, it came with some cons, like being squished like a pack of sardines both there and back. After taking the short subway ride to NRG station, we raced up the steps to see a packed Wells Fargo Center parking lot. As we speed-walked ourselves to see Sza, we noticed the time and that the opener was about to come on. We made it inside the venue after getting our tickets checked, and the crowd was filled with energy waiting in a line that was practically wrapping around a quarter of the stadium. As soon as we got to our seats, the lights went dim, and the crowd started screaming infectiously.

Sza’s Opening Act

The concert officially starts when the highly anticipated D4vid stepped onto the stage. D4vid, a New York native, gained fame for his hit that blew up on Tik Tok “Here with You”. He is so much more than a tik-tok artist. D4vid performs about six songs and doesn’t miss a note while dancing. Each song is drastically different, with amazing lyrics that makes you feel his passion. He cherishes performing with his little sister. Creating memorable musical moments, but she unfortunately couldn’t make it to the show that night. D4vid put me on an absolute phenomenal show with flawless vocals, amazing breath control, and extraordinary stage presence.

Perfect Production

As the crowd eagerly awaited Sza, the production team kept the audience engaged with huge hits, building excitement. The live band’s skill is evident, providing a rich and dynamic musical backdrop to Sza’s mesmerizing vocals. The stage is a visual masterpiece, with extra-bright screens and a light-up stage floor that bathes the venue in a kaleidoscope of colors. The stage props were nothing short of breath-taking, with a giant rusty boat with a sign on the side that said “CTRL Fishing Co,” which pays homage to Sza’s first album. Also, there was a massive anchor and lighthouse perfectly in line with the SOS Tour’s Lost at Sea theme. The attention to detail and the commitment to the tour’s branding were commendable.

Sza’s Time to Shine

The arena goes pitch black, and thousands of anxiety-filled fans start screaming at the top of their lungs. The stage lights up in ocean blue with a silhouette of Sza sitting on a huge diving board, facing the right side of the stadium. She began singing her teaser snippet for SOS and PSA. Sza sang the night away and delivered a performance that exceeded all expectations. Contrary to some skeptics who believed her voice might not shine live, Sza proved them wrong. She hit every note with precision and emotion, often sounding even better than the studio versions. Her vocal prowess left the audience in awe and served as a testament to her incredible talent.

Sza’s Dance Elegance

One of the highlights of the night was Sza’s impeccable and beautiful dancing. And it was clear that she had been honing her craft for years, as her movements were fluid and captivating. Her dancing added an extra layer of artistry to the performance, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

The Setlist

Sza’s setlist is a masterful journey that left the audience in awe with its flawless execution and bewilderingly smooth transitions.

“Kiss Me More” was a delightful highlight, with Sza’s infectious energy radiating through the venue. The audience couldn’t help but groove along, swept up in the fun of the moment.

“Supermodel” showcased Sza’s vocal prowess and emotional depth, leaving the crowd in awe of her raw talent. The intimacy of “Special” and “Normal Girl” drew the audience closer to SZA’s heart, making for an incredibly sweet and personal connection.

Sza’s daring moment came when she floated on a boat about 40 feet above the crowd during a performance. It was an exhilarating spectacle, and the crowd’s collective gasp turned into cheers of admiration.

“Low” had the crowd shouting along to its catchy chorus, and Sza’s enticing performance had everyone singing, “If you see me out in public, you don’t know me, keep it silent.” The show reached an unforgettable climax when Sza shocked everyone with a jaw-dropping split at the song’s end.

As the red lights bathed the crowd in a fiery glow during “Kill Bill,” the atmosphere was electric. Singing along to lyrics about post-breakup thoughts, the audience shared an unforgettable connection with the “Snooze” singer.

Throughout the performance, Sza’s beautiful voice shone brightly, proving her vocal prowess live. And to the audience’s delight, her mic was definitely on, ensuring an unforgettable night of music and memories. If you want to know her full setlist I have a link for you here:

Don’t forget your Sza Merch

Sza’s merchandise at the Philly concert is a standout feature, offering fans a chance to take home a piece of the experience. The Sza hoodies are not only stylish but also of excellent quality, providing both warmth and a fashion statement for fans to enjoy long after the concert. The SOS jerseys are a fan favorite and were seen being worn by her opening act, D4vid.


As the night drew to a close, Sza had a surprise up her sleeve. She invited a select group of fans backstage to hang out and take pictures. This intimate interaction between the artist and her fans was a dream come true for those lucky enough to be chosen. It was a testament to Sza’s genuine appreciation for her supporters and her desire to make the night truly special for them. Sza also made a huge announcement about another show in Philadelphia, but this next show is free! She didn’t give a specific date for the additional show but let fans know through Instagram.

In conclusion, Sza’s SOS Tour on that Tuesday night in Philadelphia was an experience that transcended expectations. From the subway ride to the mesmerizing dancing, from Sza’s flawless performance to the heartfelt apology and promises, and finally, the intimate backstage moments with fans, every aspect of the night was unforgettable. It was a testament to the power of music and the unique connection that artists like Sza can forge with their audience. As fans left the venue that night, they carried with them the memories of a concert that was not just a show but a magical journey into the world of Sza’s music and artistry. Hit the link attactvhed to grab a good bite if your feeling hungry. Pizza West Chester