For most college students, pizza is practically a food group of its own. From dinners with friends or a cheap frozen option from the grocery store to a quick slice on the way home from a night out, pizza is a staple in the lives of college students everywhere. Pizza is often a quick and cheap option that is there when you need it most. Across West Chester, students can find great options when it comes to this beloved food and with it being so readily available it can be difficult to highlight just one restaurant. While there are great options all through West Chester, we will be highlighthing Pizza West Chester at 136 East Market Street
and its rise in popularity.

Grace Ridgway, senior Media and Culture major, has worked at Pizza West Chester for a little over a year now and had nothing but praises to share about working at one of the most popular pizza restaurants in West Chester. She explained that the family-run business is often busy and only grew in popularity after Bar Stool President Dave Portnoy made a visit to the pizza shop to be featured on his one-bite pizza reviews. After visiting the restaurant, Dave gave the pizza a strong 8.4 rating.

Grace explained that after the visit and subsequent rating made by Portnoy the popularity of Pizza West Chester only grew and there has regularly been a line out the door on weekends. In addition, people have traveled from out of state to experience a slice of pizza from this popular spot. Aside from the surge in popularity, Grace mentioned that the work environment and customers make the job exciting and enjoyable.

As college students sometimes it’s hard to find the time or money to cook meals at home regularly and thanks to the vibrant and vast food and restaurant scene in West Chester there are tons of great options to find in town. Next time you’re trying to decide where to eat, head over to Pizza West Chester and grab yourself a slice!

For more information about Pizza West Chester check out WCU Talks podcast later this semester where the hosts will talk about this West Chester hot spot more!