Best Breakfast Restaurants in West Chester

Like the majority of college kids, I often find myself low on money. I always tell myself that I’ll budget better once I get more.  Also like the majority of college kids, that does not actually happen. Instead, I spend the money very quickly, a lot of times on food.  For me personally, nothing is more amazing than waking up after an evening out and going to breakfast with my friends. I compiled a list of breakfast restaurants I believe to provide the best food and the best personal experience, which is just as important in bringing customers back.

Nudy’s Cafe

Nudy's Cafe for breakfast

The list starts with Nudy’s Cafe.  Nudy’s Cafe is a breakfast and lunch restaurant with a more classic feel to it.  The staff members are all very proper and polite. They work very hard to assure you the best dining experience you can have.  Their plating is very nice and gives a somewhat fancy aura to it, even though it’s not a higher end restaurant. No matter if you go sweet or savory, everything I have ever had from Nudy’s has always hit the spot.  With fair prices and a very quickly operating kitchen, you would be remiss to not try Nudy’s Cafe during your time in West Chester.

Penn’s Table

Next on the list is Penn’s Table.  Penn’s Table only ranks ahead of Nudy’s due to the simplicity.  Sometimes I like going to a restaurant where I do not feel overwhelmed by the staff.  Do not get me wrong, being polite and sometimes overly polite is important to a franchise’s reputation. But sometimes I just like to relax while I eat with a more laid back approach to my dining experience.  That is the luxury of Penn’s Table. The staff is understanding of how to operate around their customers to make them feel attended to without being too much. Penn’s Table is just another place to visit if you are looking for a quick and easy spot for breakfast.

breakfast at penn's table

The Classic Diner

The restaurant I consider to be the second best in West Chester is the Classic Diner.  There is not much to dislike about the Classic Diner. The staff is so friendly and welcoming and will never make you feel isolated.  It’s a little tight in space and can be difficult to maneuver around, but a lot of places in West Chester are like that. The food is absolutely incredible from both the breakfast and the lunch menu.  They have a large array of freshly baked pastries that they lay out everyday. This really adds to the anticipation of the delicious meal. If you are a fan of bacon, Classic Diner is the place to be. They explained to me that their bacon is specially made, being double smoked and double cured before being cooked to order. Let me say, it is truly the best bacon I have ever had in my entire life.  The one knock against the Classic Diner is that it is pretty expensive. On a typical college budget, sometimes it is difficult to go to the Classic Diner. BUT, it is the best breakfast restaurant to take someone on a date. Even with the prices being high, my experience there as a customer has never been poor and that will make me keep going back.

Market Street Grill

In my opinion, the best breakfast restaurant in West Chester is Market Street Grill.  Market Street Grill combines everything anyone may want in a breakfast and lunch restaurant. It shows due to how popular and busy it is every single day.  The first thing you notice is the art work. Everything is so colorful and really gives off a warm and inviting feeling. Every time I go to Market Street Grill, I notice a new painting and find myself marveling at the different pieces.

 The menu is large and is filled with custom made items from friends and family that the owner has come across in his lifetime and everything that I have ever had has been delicious. No restaurant has the diversity and unique qualities to their menu and food items as Market Street Grill does. Their specials are so amazing you wonder how anyone could have come up with such an item.  If you like pancakes, go to Market Street Grill. Their pancakes must weigh two pounds a piece and are so big they often come hanging off the edges of the plate. Make sure you have an entire day’s hunger if you ever wish to finish a stack of two pancakes in one sitting. Market Street Grill is the best breakfast restaurant in West Chester and should be your first pegged destination for curing your hangover or just going to spend time and eat food with friends and family. The great, laid back staff and high quality but low priced food is what makes this #1 on my list!