Public relations specialist

public relations professional

A public relations specialist uses strategic communication to develop and maintain relationships between an organization and its publics, maintain the favorable image of the organization, and manage the organization’s relationships during crises.

As part of their work, a PR specialist develops communication strategy for the organization, creates media kits and press releases, builds and implements content calendars for the organization’s website and social media, drafts speeches and public statements for the organization’s leadership, responds to media inquiries and requests for information, participates in news conferences, gives interviews to the press, schedules and plans public events on behalf of the organization, collects data on media coverage and social media chatter about the organization.

Within this work, PR professionals regularly communicate with their organization’s leadership, employees across various departments, members of the general public, news media, the organization’s clients, shareholders, and the local community.A public relations specialist find employment with a variety of organizations, such as corporations, nonprofits, foundations, healthcare organizations, government bodies, educational institutions, and research organizations.

Some PR professionals work as freelancers or join PR agencies, where they perform work on behalf of external clients. Because much of public relations work is now done via social media channel, a PR specialist should also have some photography and video editing skills, in order to create engaging social media content on the go.

The fast paced nature of internet communication also means that, a PR specialist often works unpredictable hours and must be prepared to respond to inquiries and social media chatter at a moment’s notice.

This exciting line of work requires exceptional writing, public speaking, and interpersonal communication skills. Public relations specialists should be well-versed in theories of communication, social influence, and persuasion.