Description of duties An author is someone who writes creative and unique stories. Authors typically work for a bigger company, business, or themselves. They get feedback from editors and get insight from different perspectives to enhance their work before it is published. Work Environment Authors work anywhere they can have access to a computer, or

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Web Designer

In society, we personally all try to stay up to date with the latest trends and what’s going on in the world. Do you ever think that websites have to do the same?  Someone has to be the thought behind the creation of every website. It must be appealing, interesting, and informative. It is not

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To get a surface level understanding of what a publicist does, let’s look at the word itself. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, publicist comes from the French word publicité which means “condition of being public”. It wasn’t until the 1900s that the definition of publicist took on what we know of it today as:

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A blogger is a specialized content creator who contributes to regularly updated web publications called blogs. Blogs can exist as standalone entities or can be published as part of larger organizational websites. They are helpful in attracting and maintaining regular audiences and can be used as vehicles for education, sales and marketing, as well as

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public relations professional

Public relations specialist

A public relations specialist uses strategic communication to develop and maintain relationships between an organization and its publics, maintain the favorable image of the organization, and manage the organization’s relationships during crises. As part of their work, a PR specialist develops communication strategy for the organization, creates media kits and press releases, builds and implements

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News reporter

A news reporter delivers news stories, feature articles, and analysis about current events in politics, international relations, business, crime, entertainment, health, technology, lifestyle, or science. The stories are published via news agencies, newspapers, radio, websites, television, and magazines. In larger news outlet, each reporter is assigned to an area of specialty called a “beat”. A

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graphic designer

Graphic designer

A graphic designer creates illustrations, layouts, logos, infographics, color schemes, typefaces, and other visual elements to help effective convey messages via media. Graphic designer’s work appears in magazines, books, advertisements, newspapers, brochures, flyers, product packaging, websites, and films. The main task in graphic design is to visually represent an idea, concept, brand, or story. To

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camera operator

Camera operator

A camera operator uses digital camera equipment to record video footage for motion pictures, television programs, music videos, commercials, news and sporting events. Often, multiple camera operators work on the same production, each assigned to a different camera. Sometimes, one operator remotely controls several robotic cameras. These approaches allow for capturing the same events from

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An editor coordinates the publication of content for print (books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, etc.) and digital media (websites, ebooks, white papers etc). They may also work on the content of radio and television programming. As part of this work, an editor plans what content will appear and how it will be organized in the publication,

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man in black t-shirt playing audio mixer

Sound engineer

A sound engineer operates equipment and software used in the production of on-air radio programs, recorded audio programming, recorded music, concerts, conferences, sports events, and other live gatherings, as well as television programming, film, and video material. The responsibilities of a sound engineer include setting up and taking down the equipment, recording music, speech, and

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Art director

Art directors are responsible for developing the visual style and layouts of print and web publications, advertising campaigns, products and their packaging, visual representation of brands, television and movie sets. As such art directors may work in print publishing, marketing, branding, advertising, movie production, television production, and theater. The duties of an art director include

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