5 Ways to Reduce Stress in College

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By: Billy Mills

If you were to ask 5 of your friends whether or not they were stressed, how many of them would say yes? How many of them would say that stress comes from school? Stress is inevitable and bound to happen in a student’s life. It can come in different shapes and sizes causing students to act differently depending on the level of stress they are facing. While reading this article, you will find multiple ways to reduce stress while studying at college.

Many people deal with stress in ways that work for them. Whether that’s going outside or reading, activities like these can help reduce the amount of stress they are feeling. Here are 5 ways to help reduce stress from your life: 

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Exercise can look different in a lot of people’s eyes. Whether that’s weightlifting or running, this can release stress from your body and keep you in good shape. Studies show that exercising can not only help your brain cope with stress better, but improve your mental health as well. Going for a short run for about 10-20 minutes can help keep your body active and help you forget about everything else. You can also listen to your favorite songs while exercising as well. Doing this can help keep you in a good mood throughout the day.

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When people get stressed, they tend to leave things the way they are without second thought. This can lead to creating a mess and losing your personal belongings daily. Taking about 10-15 minutes to organize your room, desk, or house can help take your mind off what’s bothering you most. Along with that, you will have a nice and tidy space to do whatever you need to accomplish.

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Take naps/sleep

Those who are stressed tend to lose a lot of sleep between days. Some people stay up late causing them to wake up late. Healthline states that taking about 2-3 naps a week might be good for your heart health. Naps can also help recharge your body and help you get refocused. 

An average person should get about 7-9 hours of sleep to fulfill their needs. If you’re stressed or overwhelmed, you might not be getting the proper amount of hours needed a night. Going to bed a bit earlier can help you get the appropriate number of hours you need to have a successful day.

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Hang out with friends/family 

Take time with those who understand you best. Whether that’s your parents or your best friend, hanging out with them can help take your mind off anything that’s bothering you. Activities like going on a walk, getting food, playing outside, or simply talking are good examples of ways to hang out and spend time with others. This will not only help you, but help those who are trying to understand you a bit better. 

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Have you ever thought about zoning out and forgetting about all of your problems and stress? The Mayo Clinic states that performing meditation helps you focus your attention and eliminates the system of jumbled thoughts that may be causing you stress. Meditation can also help give your brain a break from everything as well. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes, it can help you both physically and mentally.

These are 5 ways to reduce stress while studying in college. Although there are 5 listed here, there are plenty of other options as well. People come up with many different ways to reduce stress in their own personal methods. Therefore, performing activities like these will hopefully help you in your journey throughout college.