Meet Allison LaBella #FacesofCom

Meet Allison

Allison LaBella is from Collegeville, Pennsylvania and is a junior at West Chester University. She is currently studying Communications with a double minor in Journalism and Media & Culture. She has many goals one of them is getting an internship in event planning but her ultimate goal is to get into wedding planning industry after graduating.


Allison loves talking to and meeting new people. She is a member of WCU Student Activities Council and participates in some of the event planning that happens on campus for the students. She has a great interest in fully understanding who someone is and making them feel welcomed. Her favorite classes are the ones that have something to do with media and production because she loves working with the equipment and has a genuine interest on how media is made. Her least favorite classes happen to be anything that involves science.   

Fun Facts

Fun fact about Allison is that in high school she used to sing the national anthem for the school events and the way she got that role was by being put on the spot during an event where they didn’t have anyone else to sing the anthem and she stepped up and got the job done. Allison is a very hard worker and at an early age she saw her mother stepping up and taking care of the family when they were going through a tough situation. She had the opportunity to have a strong female influence in her life and now she replicates her mom’s strength as she continues on not only in school but also in everything she does so she can accomplish her goals of being a wedding planner.