Meet Jayla Murdock

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    By: Terren Jackson 

Meet Jayla Murdock

Jayla Murdock is a senior, communication studies major from York, Pennsylvania. Jayla loved growing up in York. She had lots of friends and she felt he neighborhood was safe and a convivial environment. However, before living in York, she lived in Baltimore, Maryland.


Why Jayla chose Communication

Many students choose their majors for different reasons. Jayla decided to become a communication studies major because she loved writing and public speaking. She even delivered the commencement speech at her high school. 

In high school, English provided Jayla with the best learning experience because the subject prepared her to become a good writer. Jayla enjoys writing poetry, her poetry is published in Literati, a bookstore that distributes and publishes poetry books and children’s books.

Looking back on her college career, it’s clear that time passes by quickly; professionally you are in competition with others and that personally you are in competition with past self. You have to grow and be better than you were in the past.

Jayla #facesofcom

Jayla’s Plan after Graduation

Jayla plans to have a career in broadcast entertainment. Interviewing celebrities on the red carpet would be an ideal job or having a talk show. Jayla is the vice president of the West Chester University chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists. She feels like this opportunity is preparing her for a career in media. She is vice president of Poise, a beauty organization on campus . The goal is to empower women and impart advice, she will use her broadcast entertainment platform to do this.

We are always learning and growing. Jayla would like to get to know her self more and find out who she is. Knowing yourself is the best way to know and help others.  

Jayla #facesofcom

Jayla’s Motivation and Inspiration

Motivation is a huge part of being a driven individual because sometimes motivation is a key variable in success. Having a job that she is proud of motivates Jayla; making her family proud is a motivation as well. 

Looking at influential and successful people in history, in other words, Oprah Winfrey is the person she respects most becuase “Oprah is motivating, inspiring and empowering. Her words are meaningful and captures everyone’s attention. “I hope to be that inspiration to someone else, someday” -Jayla Murdock.  She reminds people that you can come from any background and reach success.

Jayla’s parents are an immense part of her life and they influence her greatly, but in different ways. Her dad is supportive financially and emotionally and her mom keeps her on track and wants her to be her best self. Having good people in her life is important. Above all, she admires people who are kind, driven and honest because they’re great qualities to possess. Strong is a quality that she feels describes her the best. Jayla is driven and dedicated to all her endeavors, that’s some of the qualities she loves most about herself.

When everything is all said and done and the final chapter is written on her life, Jayla wants to be remembered for being selfless, helpful and person who truly cared about others.

Jayla #facesofcom