Meet Vanessa Shum #Facesofcom

Vanessa #facesofcom

Meet Vanessa 

Vanessa is a junior Communication and Media major with an MDC minor here at West Chester University. Her original intentions were for teaching because it was the best fitting teaching program. After spending 2 years as a teacher’s assistant for preschoolers, Vanessa wanted to make a change in career paths. She looked towards creating lesson plans and coming up with different arts and crafts activities. One word that best describes Vanessa is passionate as she puts in a lot of effort and thought into everything she does or creates. 

Passions and Hobbies 

Throughout her education, Vanessa found a passion in using all of her creativity to create different types of content that appeals to her. She discovered this after she originally went from being a business major, and after discovering that this path wasn’t the right way to go, she began finding classes that peaked her interests such as Strategic Social Media, Content Strategy, and Video Production. Some of her biggest passions include photography, videography, editing, and DIY arts and crafts projects. She also loves to stay organized in every aspect of her life so she has a big interest in event planning.  


Vanessa’s inspiration and passion for creating content comes from her family. They influenced and supported her through her journey of discovering her passion. Her Dad was a very good artist and also does a lot of at home projects. On the other end is her mom who’s caring and friendly personality resonates with Vanessa as she enjoys meeting new people and talking with others. Vanessa’s family continues to inspire her to be more hardworkingstrong, and determined. Vanessa was taught to never give up and to not lose sight of her goals.

Future Plans for Vanessa

One of her goals is to say she explored the world and traveled to many different places. She wants to feel proud of all the accomplishments and hard work that she has put in throughout her life. She is not exactly sure where exactly she is headed in terms of career. However, she hopes to work for a company where she can create different types of content for a company.

Vanessa #facesofcom

Vanessa’s Advice 

Vanessa has advice for students who can’t decide on a major and/or career path for the future. Never settle for a major you’re not passionate about and keep trying new things. You never know what you might love or be really good at unless you try it. You can’t force yourself to do something that you have no interest in or else you will end up miserable. By taking different classes, she found out that what she was learning what not what she wanted.