You Are Everything You Have Dreamt To Be & That Version Of You Is At WCU.

How to achieve your goals & visions through opportunity and a little self-love While studying & obtaining your degree.

I am writing to you as a dreamer, as a learner, as a goal-setter, and as a creative. I am writing to you as someone who knows very well that life can feel entirely suffocating. It can feel unproductive, and unsuccessful at the expense of our own minds and intrusive mental setbacks. A number, a grade, and a societal box do not define your success and happiness.

This is to the dreamers, analytical thinkers, creatives, realists, and every other intersection of human greatness that there is. This article is about finding reassurance and inspiration. You are more and you do, indeed, have a place at the university and in this life.

Perhaps, school is not for you. I know for myself, I struggle with balancing the tasks and courses that do not in any way light me up. At times I find it draining, difficult, or fall behind in my studies. This is simply because I am doing so much mental planning for my future and to pursue what I know I am great at, that I cannot bring myself to focus on the things that I don’t allow myself to divulge in. In reality, school should not be that way for us, your education is far more sacred and delicate. It is the cushion and building block that takes us to inexplicable and significant opportunity.

Personally, I have a very hard time with the education system and institutionalized learning. There are many things that I would do to go back and change what we know and what I’ve done. As hard as it is to understand, I would change my perspective on how to succeed. I would then master this system in a way that is resourceful and beneficial to myself.

One thing I’ve always known about myself is that I am a people’s person. I am creative, talented, and I can indulge in a story and tell it the way that I can reiterate my go-to coffee order. I’ve found connecting and engaging, divulging in the history and brilliance of media, and becoming the mind behind brands, is my passion. Prioritizing these things in order to strengthen my relationship with myself and career has allowed me to adore myself and be proud of my capabilities even further. It takes time time, most times longer than we’re allowed, to figure out those things. Especially career wise, and definitely with finding it at the university. But here we are.

To trust your own path and acknowledge the way it is meant to be, is so significant. It’s necessary in your trajectory to growth and success. These skills are good in real life and where I’ve found a career in the industry of MDC and Communication at West Chester University learning from others, creating amongst my peers, and becoming the person and student that I know I am capable of.

As a student at West Chester University, opportunity is everywhere. You just need to look in the right places. The first place, is yourself. The way that we treat, respect and guide ourselves is the way that our life will then reflect our attitude. Make room for your goals, ambitions, and your heart. The rest of the world will then make room and make much more sense to you.

That all being said, I do not mean know what you want to do right now. Certainly don’t stress yourself to get there, or beat yourself up either. If a half decent or bad grade falls in front of you, know there is space for you still. Whether at WCU or at any other university or organization or path of life you may be in.

Within the MDC | Communications | Marketing departments at West Chester, there was exposure to a new industry. I knew that this is what I could do, and that I wanted so badly to be a part of. We offer the expertise behind learning and creating content, increasing communication and marketing skills, expanding our knowledge in the field of media and conversation, and being nearly given and gifted excessive opportunity in the industry. This major or minor is about creativity, production, and engaging the world at our fingertips. Your goal should be to know where it is you thrive and the values that will then match your own.

My personal experience at West Chester has been all the most bitter-sweet. Endless nooks and spaces within the campus that act as home to completing assignments, divulging in a good book, and of course your coffee or iced matcha at hand. A space for planning your goals, or cutting clips to pin together your moodboard, and prioritizing your tasks and life. Professors and teachers who want to see you thrive, and create, and learn to love what you’re doing. A town that elicits diversity, beauty, guidance, excitement, connection, and conversation, we’ve truly got it all.

It wasn’t until I joined the MDC department that I felt I really could envision my purpose. I was able to understand that my education, and plans for my future, began to clearly come to fruition.

Feelings of self-doubt, nerves, anxiousness, insecurities, and unsettling feelings can feel too intense through a time of transition or change. It’s important to acknowledge the idea that they are natural and necessary to go beyond feelings of discomfort in order to get comfortable.

As someone who has been there, in what has felt like the lowest of any low, you’ve got this, and you’ve got time. If you are someone who dreams of vision and mood boarding, using your knowledge and creativity to create, advertise, sell, consume, market, write, engage, and a list of other actions that we see on the day to day through our own media and society itself, then it’s important to note that there is endless opportunity within our field, just like there is many others.

Media and culture, communications, and marketing have become the new wave of technology and engagement through human and technological interaction. With the ability to know oneself, to set intentions, write out goals, and utilize a strong passion for creating, the most incredible things within this industry can be reached. Especially through our media and communications relative industries and majors / minors at the university.

The idea of doing things that light you up is a gift, a goal, and a factor of ultimate happiness. It’s also confusing in the ways that a lot of what light’s us up is unattainable at times. We have an overwhelming anxiety and fear that we cannot do, just because someone made us think we weren’t capable. Remember, we are in every way deserving of the opportunities or lifestyle changes and ambitions that are in front of us.

After reading this, I encourage you to change that mindset and give yourself a chance. If MDC and communications sounds like it means something to you, pursue it. If the university itself is something you think you can find home in, I highly encourage you to apply or to stay. Get to know yourself, get educated, pursue that industry, and start saving the date because your dreams are then bound to come true.

My name is Mackenzie Lockett and I am a graduating senior at the university with a major in English & a concentration in digital media writing, social media marketing, and client relations and communications. I am currently a part-time student wrapping up my degree post commencement and am extremely passionate to continue my career and experience in PR & Marketing industries.

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