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An SEO specialist is a very important job and are necessary for every company and business. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The quick summary of this critical role is to make companies web page easily accessible to those who are looking for the company and increase website traffic. There are billions on billions of web pages on the internet and the duty of the SEO specialist is to ensure that the company’s page is easy to find through a Google search. If you’ve ever wondered why information you were searching for results in the first three links when you type a desired destination in Google, you can thank an SEO specialist. Although this is what their final job is, there is much work that goes into this process. SEO specialists must collect and analyze information to determine trends to score the maximum Return on Investment (ROI). They must continue to research keywords, optimization, and expansion to stay at the top of the Google web page. SEOs also investigate competitor advertising links to ensure that there was nothing missed. Just like any other job they must also abide by timelines, manage expenses, and predict monthly costs.

Requirements & Education

               There are many requirements as well as education that an SEO Specialist must have to be hired at a certain job. The applicant must have an understanding of conversion, marketing, and online customer acquisition. Experience with website analytic tools such as, Omniture, WebTrends, and Netinsight, as well as bid management tools. Examples of bid management tools are Click Equations, Search Ignite, and Marin. The applicant must also have a deep understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as knowledge of the latest trends in SEO and SEM. SEO specialist must also be able to handle large amounts of data and experience with Word Press, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. The required education level is a BS or MS in a quantitative, test driven field.

Salary & Roles

               According to Glassdoor, the typical salary for a SEO Specialist is $37,000–$66,000 per year in Pennsylvania. The job environment is a case to case situation. There are some SEO Specialists that are freelancers working for themselves or work within a marketing firm. There are also different areas of focus that SEO Specialist can work as. These positions are Content Writing, Link Building, and Web Researching.

The content writer is responsible for new and unique content. They also focus on creating short blog posts as well as other online text. The content writer also deals with less technical knowledge than the other positions. The link builder is focused on creating back links to the employer’s website that is pulled from reliable sources. This is a very important role since the search algorithms look at back links which will determine where it shows up from a Google search.  The web researcher is responsible for finding content for the content writer, link builders and web developers. This focus also keeps up to date on the SEO guidelines.

Job Outlook

The job outlook of SEO Specialists has been constantly increasing. In this growing digital age all computer related jobs have been increasing due to the lack of people who meet the requirements. According to indeed, the job opportunities for SEO Specialist has quadrupled from the years 2007 to 2011. More and more companies are relaying on SEO Specialists to enhance their web pages. Because of this demand for these professionals, there is a predicted revenue growth in the coming years. In 2018 SEO jobs grew by 6.9% when compared to all job growth which was measured at 1.1%.

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