Ear Candy Seg. 8

man in gray quarter-sleeved shirt singing

A segment where WCU Media and Culture Senior, Jamari Brown. Reviews/critiques music projects from different genres that he thinks would be great to listen to.



“Do Thangs” by Buddy

Do Thangs by Buddy (song.link)

Buddy, from Compton, California released a new album this past weekend called “Don’t Forget to Breathe” which touches on his everyday life, rise to stardom, and the struggles he prospered through while growing up. Buddy was a part of J. Cole & Dreamville’s group album “Revenge of the Dreamers III” and has made music with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Miley Cyrus and more. He has also collaborated with top producer Pharrell Williams.

One of the songs that caught my attention on this new album was “Do Thangs”. It gives off that old Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre type of vibe and it makes you want to get up and party no matter what type of mood you are in. And that is all just from the production of the song. Adding the lyrics to it and the style of his voice to the song is what made it a hit for me. He has such a unique voice; it makes you want to keep listening and wonder what’s next. If you have love for artists like Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, Smino, Anderson .Paak; then this is definitely an artist and song for you. You can find this project on all music streaming platforms.



“Sweet Love” by Myles Smith

Sweet Love by Myles Smith (song.link)

Myles Smith, the singer/songwriter based out of the UK has released a 6-song EP called “You Promised a Lifetime” as in the title, the EP is about love and past relationships that never worked out.

The song “Sweet Love” is so soothing and gives off Coldplay’s “Paradise” vibe, just very full of life with lyrics that complement the production. The song is about a woman that he loves having everything to do with his well-being. Also, emphasizes how in love he is with this woman and not being able to function without her. “My sweet love, you’ve got a hold on me. Oxygen, she’s like the air I breath, you’re the one who makes me want to sing. Simple melodies.” As you can tell from the lyrics of the chorus. He is saying how much he loves her without actually saying those exact words. I love songs like this and recommend you give it a listen. I feel like his music is a mix of Coldplay and Khalid; so if you are into artists like that. Then this is indeed a song for you. You can find this song and project on all music streaming platforms.



“Ridin 4 U” by Ryan Trey

RIDIN 4 U by Ryan Trey (song.link)

Ryan Trey, the St. Louis native has recently released his deluxe for his album “STREETS SAY YOU STILL MISS ME” which is mainly about heartbreak and new relationships. He focuses on these things throughout a lot of his music and is one of the artists I tend to listen to when I am feeling down or need someone to relate to when going through hardship.

The song “Ridin 4 U” is indeed one of those songs that touches on the hardship in a relationship but also is sending the message “if you love someone you will fight for them” and that is what he is basically explaining throughout the entire song. His voice sounds like there is so much pain behind it, even if he wasn’t going through these things in real life, you would still believe he is. If you like soulful artists like Bryson Tiller, Frank Ocean, and PARTYNEXTDOOR. I think you will fall in love with this song. You can find this song on all music streaming platforms.



“Commas” by Ayra Starr

Commas by Ayra Starr (song.link)

Ayra Starr, the rising 21-year-old star from Nigeria has released the song back in February and I am upset that I am just now hearing it. This song is very bright and inspirational. It just feels refreshing and makes you feel good.

The song is about balancing the rise to fame, keeping your mind and body positive, and chasing the money the world may owe you. These are things that stress people out when growing up and taking on new obstacles in life. So, I just believe this song can inspire many of you, the same way it is inspiring to me. If inspiration is what you are looking for or even if you are feeling down on some of these last days of the semester, then this is for sure a song that you should give a listen. She reminds me of artists like Tems, Remy, Tyla, and Burna Boy. You can find this song on all music streaming platforms. Motivate yourself. Encourage yourself. And always…stay true what you believe in.