Career Guide: Digital Communications Manager

Your Dream Job as a Digital Communications Manager

Being in college can be very stressful and knowing what you want to do when you graduate could be difficult. With that being said, a communication degree can lead you to your dream job. A Digital Communications Manager is a vital part of a company, and is an up and coming career in today’s world. This post will help succeed in this career path and help you get an insight as to what a Digital Communications manager is, what they do, and how YOU can become one. First, we will discuss the responsibilities of this particular career.

Here are some responsibilities that you could be doing if you plan on having this as a career:

  • Developing of print and online advertising
  • Web site management and content development
  • Press releases
  •  Review the current strategy and identify key opportunities to improve
  • Develop new content across various channels

Tips On Figuring Out if This Job is a Match For You

Finding you passion is very important when looking for a career. Not everyone is cut out to be a Digital Communications Manager. second, we wan to try to figure out  what you want to have a career in you should follow these steps given by F.

  • Evaluate your past, such as what makes you happy and unhappy
  • Talk to as many people as possible
  • Take classes and try something new
  • Consider the type of work environment where you will thrive
  • Do what makes you happy


What It Takes

Is you major or minor communication, marketing, or digital marketing? Well, you’re in luck. This job requires most to have a degree or experience in those fields. Besides having a degree in those fields there are also personal attributes that goes into being a Communication Manager. Being a creative person who is self motivated is strongly suggested when going into this career field. Third, we want to give people an idea on what experience will be great for this job.

Now as for job experience here some key things you should have on your resume:

  • Experience of managing digital projects and campaigns
  • Experience in developing digital strategies
  • Understanding of SEO and Google Analytics
  • Experience in content planning and content marketing




How Much the Salary Can Range From

42K-115K salary :

Next, we should think about how much you will be making as a digital communications manager. This job is in such high demand that salary can range from 42k as entry level to 115K with experience. Most entry level managers will make around 42K annually, where as if you have 5+ years of experience, you could be making around 115k annually.

How to Climb the Professional Ladder

Although getting a job when you graduate may seem overwhelming, it can be beneficial if you prepared beforehand. Getting into the real would and starting your career may seem intimidated, but have no fear because it’s so rewarding and easy to start. Getting an internship would be very beneficial when going into this career field.

Considering some students don’t want to get an internship, the next best thing is to work at your own school. There are so many clubs and organizations that would look great on your resume. Starting at your school with your peers is an easy way to get a start on building your professional background. Furthermore, it’s also networking! Becoming a digital communications manager requires one to have communication skills, management skills, or organizational skills.

To put it another way, a great way to get ahead in your career is to utilize resources at your school. A great resource at your school is your career center. At West Chester University of PA they have a career center that helps with resume building, mock interviews, job listing, and internships. Finding clubs, internships, and organizations to join may be hard.

Here are a few things that will be beneficial to you:

  • Management club
  • Communications Studies Club
  • Having a professor be your mentor
  • Enrolling in specific classes in your career field

What Else Can You Do?

Lastly, becoming a Digital Communications manager is not the only thing someone can do if you have those qualifications and experience. However, The wonderful thing about having a communication degree (and related degrees) is that there are plenty of jobs to choose from. In addition, The options are endless and here’s a list of related jobs that may fit you better:

  • Media Production Manager
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Communications Editor
  • Media Relations
  • Communications Specialist

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