Career Guide: Associate Account Manager

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What is an Associate Account Manager?

An Associate Account Manager wears many different hats within a company. Depending on the area of company, the account manager will have different responsibilities. However, their biggest job is acting as the communicator between different departments. The Associate Account Manager responsibilities focus on financials and revenue growth. He or she must have experience with customer service, as they will be interacting with clients ensuring they had a positive experience with the company. He or she must have a strong understanding of the expectations that the customers have.

Qualifications to become an associate account manager

What does it take to be an account manager? It is more than just sales, you are the face of the company. To be an account manager, knowledge, communication, and organization are largely the most desired characteristics in an account manager. Knowing the products and services of the company inside out because you will be exposed to many different client interactions. Knowledge of the company will ensure fast and reliable information from the associate account manager.

With knowledge comes communication, being able to express and send messages that can be easily understood by the client is extremely important for this job. Communication is done daily and clear communication is necessary. Reliable and positive communication is key to build strong relationships with clients. Finally, a normal day for an account manager requires to communication with clients, team members, and putting together presentations. In order to be successful in this, organization is extremely helpful.

Once he or she attains a Bachelor degree, they become eligible for this position.Many college students are concerned about salary in order to start a life on their own. The median salary for an Associate Account Manager is 49,000 a year. This is an entry level position that although requires determination, organization and communication skills will “pay off” in the future. It is important to note that this job will require a basic understanding of technology.

Being in constant communication with clients means back and forth on the phone, computer as well as verbal communication with team members. Fortunately for Communication study majors, these skills are incorporated in our classes from day 1. 2015 graduate, Mark McCarrick tells us more about his experience becoming an Associate Account Manager at Apogee Insurance Group.

Advice from an Account Manager

“One of the most rewarding job out there!” Mark McCarrick 24 year old West Chester University graduate gives us an insight on what it truly means to be an account manager. He confirms that it takes great organizational skills and communication skills to be able to complete daily tasks. Mark Graduated West Chester in May, 2015. He soon landed a job with an insurance group, Apogee Insurance Group. The title of his new position is an associate account manager.

After almost two years of being an associate account manager, Mark was able to sit down and give us some advice for upcoming West Chester graduates looking follow his footsteps. Mark explains, “the hardest part about being an account manager is staying organized”. Being an account manager requires some serious hard work and dedication but Mark assures us that it is, “extremely rewarding”. Knowing that I am helping a new person everyday makes it all worth it”.

More on Mark

Now that we got some of the fun information out of the way, we got down to business with Mark. As graduating college students, it is hard to start a life in, “the real world”. Furthermore, we wanted to hear from Mark about what it was really like trying to start this new chapter in his life, as a college graduate on the starting salary of an account manager.  Most noteworthy, he says, “building a new life for myself was not easy, but being able to work at Apogee has given me the means to do so”.

In more simple terms rather, mark says the starting salary was, “very good. I am fortunate to work for a great company with a great starting salary. I also am lucky enough to get plenty of raises when I achieve personal goals within the company”. Mark gives us a real insight on what it means to be an account manager at Apogee Insurance Group.

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