5 Time Management Tips that Will Lead You to Success

With only one month left of classes, it can be difficult to balance your finals with other priorities going on in your life. It is crucial to manage your time wisely so the rest of the semester can be stress-free. 

1. Create a To-Do list 

You can plan out a list of things to do for each day of the week. An assignment book or calendar are convenient items to have in order to keep track of your priorities. Make sure to leave yourself at least one day with plenty of free-time to relax and recharge. Planning ahead for the week will benefit you by easing your mind about upcoming tasks.

2. Put Down Your Phone

Scrolling through your social media can be highly addicting, especially when you get stuck watching Tik Toks. If you get distracted easily like myself, it can be hours before you realize you have been procrastinating on your phone. If you find it a struggle to put your phone away, ask your friend or family member to hide it until all your work is complete. Even though that may sound crazy, it will be extremely helpful. 

3. Organize 

In the final weeks of school, it can be challenging to catch up on school work or other life appointments. Tidying-up your bedroom/dorm room can be very beneficial and have a positive effect on your day-to-day life. Throw away things you do not need to clear up more space. Group similar items together that you use daily. Running late to class, work, or other meetings will no longer be a problem when everything is in its own place and nicely organized.

4. Clear Your Headspace

Taking on too many tasks can feel overwhelming and cause more stress as a result. The second you feel your work owns you, step back. You can relax by taking a walk outside, listening to music, napping, reading, or watching an episode of your favorite show (without binging of course!). 

5. It is OK to Say No

Taking on too many tasks can cause you to fall behind and become more stressed out about your work. If your boss throws another task your way, communicate with them and give updates of where you are with your work schedule. It is also OK to say no to your friends begging you to hang out with them during the week. Prioritize your work first, or other important events before making plans to socialize.