Ear Candy SEG.5 – Music Reviews

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A segment where WCU Media and Culture Senior, Jamari Brown. Reviews/critiques musical projects from different genres that he thinks would be great to listen to. Follow for more university music reviews!



“The Rebirth 3: The Party & The Bedroom” by Eric Bellinger

The Rebirth 3: The Party & The Bedroom by Eric Bellinger (album.link)

Eric Bellinger, the singer/songwriter from Compton, CA has just released his newest album on March 1st, 2024. Eric has written for some of the top A-list artists in the game. Such as Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Trey Songz and more. He rose to fame when he released his hit song “G.O.A.T” back in 2016.

Eric is now looking to take over 2024 with his 24-song, 2-part album. The first half resembles the party scene, and the second half resembles where people may reside after a party. The bedroom. On the first 12 songs of the album; the production and beat selection seems to be a party type of vibe. A lot of them are up-tempo with lyrics that are easier to repeat and have a good time to. It is kind of the opposite with the last 12 songs. The production and songs are a bit slower, and the lyrics are more complex. If you like artists like Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz; I recommend giving this one a listen. You can find it on all music streaming platforms.



“Coffee” by Hinds

Coffee by Hinds (song.link)

Hinds, the four women group from Spain have recently released their first song in almost 4 years. The group reached the road to fame with their hit song “Garden” back in 2015 and took bit of a break from music in 2020.

The song “Coffee” is about what they like and also about what satisfies their needs.

“I like black coffee and cigarettes, and flowers from boys that I’m not sleeping with.” They do a good job of relating to a broader audience. Because there are a lot of people in the world that have love for black coffee and there are also a lot of people in this world that have love for cigarettes. Tying boys into the song also helps with relating to a broader audience but also somewhat narrows it down just a bit. Throughout the whole song Hinds speaks about what it takes to satisfy them and the small things that they like. If you like artists like Clairo, Courtney Barnett, and Bleached. Then I’m sure you will love a vibe like this. You can stream this song on all music streaming platforms.



“Life’s Going Great” by Games We Play

Life’s Going Great by Games We Play (album.link)

Games We Play, a punk rock artist based out of Los Angeles, has released a retro and vulnerable album to continue 2024. The album feels fun, refreshing and something that was out of the early 2000s. This album reminds me of being 10 years old again. no worries in the world but the fact that if I ran into the house more than once, I had to stay in for the rest of the day. Just makes you feel like a kid again.

I believe the album is about relationships that have been lost for the better and the rise towards fame. In his song “Girl Shaped Crater” he talks about the woman he has love for and explains that the love will never be lost. “There’s a girl shaped crater in the Earth that’s never leaving, right where you fell. So, I cross my heart, baby, you’re my religion, my angel.” As you can see within the lyrics he is admiring this woman that he loves and throughout the rest of the song he goes on to do the same thing. If you like listening to artists like John Harvie or Knox, then this is for sure the album for you. Highly recommend. You can find this album on all music streaming platforms.



“Rent Due” by LaRussell & Hit-Boy

Rent Due by LaRussell & Hit-Boy (album.link)

LaRussell, an up-and-coming artist from LA and Hit-Boy, the legendary, multi-Grammy winning producer also from LA, have come together and blessed the world with a heartfelt, soulful, and gritty 7-song project.

LaRussell speaks on struggles within life, trauma growing up, and persevering through dark times. “Look at my life pass in hyper speed, I missed out on some love, but that’s aight with me. I missed out on some cash, but that’s aight with me. I missed out on some a** but that’s aight with me. But I ain’t miss out on these blessings.” These are lyrics from the intro track “Lead Me to the Water” and he is basically explaining that he had to make sacrifices and miss out on a lot of the things that may be so called “fun”, but he didn’t miss out on the things that actually meant something in life. The small project is full of motivation and emotion. I highly recommend this album as well. You can find this piece of work on all music streaming platforms.