Social Media Coordinator

Job Description

A Social Media Coordinator is responsible for planning and setting in place a company’s social media strategy to help increase awareness of the brand as well as increasing sales and improving marketing techniques. Aside from being responsible for implementing a strategic social media plan. Social media coordinators are also responsible for communicating with clients and employers about campaigns, and goals for the company. 

They are also responsible for collaborating with finance teams, on budgeting and the company’s goal at hand. Planning social media execution is one of the most important duties, as a social media coordinator. A social media strategist needs to maintain strategy planning, and communication skills.

Strategists play a large role in the marketing of a company and being able to communicate with customers, and employers, benefits those marketing techniques overall.

Required Skills

Coordinators must also have a creative mindset, a mindset that is also in tune with the past and current trends of social media content and marketing. While communication skills are key to this job, Writing skills are just as, if not the most important.

As a Social Media Coordinator you want your content to be appealing to your audience, writing content that interests them specifically, is extremely important. Social Media Coordinators are the backbone in the marketing of a company. A social Media Coordinator should be familiar with major computer software and editing techniques.

How to Become a Social Media Coordinator

You will find that most Social Media Coordinators have Bachelor’s Degree’s in marketing, journalism, or communications before entering this field. Having a passion for content creation, increasing consumer interaction, and staying up to date with current trends, are just a few of the requirements needed in order to pursue a career as a social media coordinator.


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