Experiencing Bringing Hope Home

NonProfit Organization

A Way to Make a Difference In a Local Families’ Life

Could you sacrifice a night of going out to help a family pay for their essential household bills? This opportunity is something I learned that I could get involved in from a non-profit organization called Bringing Hope Home.

Bringing Hope Home is a non-profit organization that provides ‘Unexpected Amazingness’ by offering emotional and financial support to families with cancer. What is ‘Unexpected Amazingness’? That’s the exact question I asked myself when I first heard of this organization.

‘Unexpected Amazingness’ is the sigh of relief a family experiences when they get a call from Bringing Hope Home letting them know that they are able to pay for their essential household bills such as oil, gas, phone, car, insurance and electric. ‘Unexpected Amazingness’ is knowing that organizations such as Bringing Hope Home are there for you and your family in all ways.

Nonprofit Organization
CEO and Co-Founder Paul Isenberg

Bringing Hope Home makes all of this amazingness possible through their Light of Hope Family Grant. They offer a one time grant to pay essential household bills for families affected by cancer.

Bringing Hope Home started in memory of Paul Isenberg’s wife Nicole, who endured six years of intense chemotherapy and two bone marrow transplants in order to battle cancer. Her fight, unfortunately, ended in 2003 at the young age of 39, but her legacy lives on through the special work Bringing Hope Home does in her honor.

The Bringing Hope Home Team

Through the team’s own experiences with cancer, they know firsthand what you or someone you love is going through and how it affects the entire family. The team is comprised of the CEO and Co-Founder Paul Isenberg, Family Department: Amy Forkin and Judy Wahl, Development: John Farley, and School Coordinator: Molly Callanan.

Non Profit Organization
Molly Callanan, Amy Forkin and John Farley at this year’s Stomp Cancer 5k

That’s only 5 people on top of the volunteers and interns making this organization run and helping families in the local community.

Amy Forkin shares her own experience working with this non-profit organization: I love working at BHH because of the amazing people we get to meet and work with. From our supporters to our families, to students and volunteers, I feel so lucky to cross paths with so many giving people. Truly amazing things happen between our walls. We have had a family call us whose electricity has been turned off and with a quick email and some clarification from Peco, we’ve gotten the power turned back on that same day. I think every day how lucky we all are here to get to come into these families’ lives during such a difficult time and offer them good news at a time when they’re used to hearing a lot of bad news”.



How To Get Involved With Bringing Hope Home

Since the start in 2008, they have helped over 4,500 local families with over $5.8 million dollars in assistance. This is all possible because of the donations they raise through their many events and donations. The best way to get involved is to volunteer, donate, intern and spread the word about Bringing Hope Home.

Non-Profit Organization Bringing Hope Home
Intern Paige volunteering at Bringing Home Home event

They offer many internship opportunities for West Chester University students studying Communication or other majors. The organization is able to run mainly because of donations to help these families. To donate and learn more about Bringing Hope Home’s mission visit: http://bringinghopehome.org/.

Knowing that you helped an amazing team make a difference in an amazing family’s life and be apart of #HOPENATION is an amazing feeling. I can promise that when you leave, you’ll feel as though you actually made a difference in a family’s life.