Dorm Room Essentials

dorm room essentials

As the semester comes to a close and summer is upon us; it’s never too early to start thinking about dorm room shopping. Whether you’re an incoming WCU freshman or a returning student that who forgot a few basics, here is a list of useful dorm room essentials you could use this fall!

1. Shower Caddy, Shower Shoes & Bathrobe

If you consider getting anything on this list, I would say these three are a must. With sharing a shower with an entire floor of people, you want to feel clean and comfortable while you shower which is why shower shoes are a huge must. Along with that, a shower caddy makes bringing your supplies to and from the bathroom quick and easy. Additionally, a bathrobe makes walking down the hall much more comfortable as opposed to a towel.

2. Brita Filter

One of the best investments you can make as a college student is getting a Brita filter. Not only does it help save money and reduce plastic water bottles, but supplies you with better tasting drinking water. As someone who was very used to the tap water in Philadelphia, my Brita made my West Chester water much better.

3. Mini Fridge & Microwave

Investing in a mini fridge and microwave makes cooking and eating in your dorm so much more convenient. Especially on days when you might not have time to run to the dining hall, or if they happen to be closed. I had so many nights where I lost track of time, and by the time I was ready for dinner everything seemed to be closed. Luckily, I could easily make a meal in the comfort of my own room.

4. Mattress Topper

If you didn’t know already, dorm mattresses are not the most comfortable. I’m not joking, they feel like rocks. Which is why, a mattress pad or topper will keep you and your back comfy and sore free all night long. A mattress topper is definitely what I always recommend to incoming freshman shopping for dorm room essentials.

5. Longer Phone Charger

Something I didn’t even think I would need when I was a freshman here at WCU, was a longer phone charger. Dorm beds happen to be much higher, compared to regular beds no matter how much you lower it. Investing in a longer phone cord will allow you to easily and comfortably lay in bed while charging your phone.

6. A Fan

Like most college dorms, you don’t have control over the heating system. Having a fan comes in handy, whenever there’s days that are a little too warm but the heat still happens to be on.

7. Vacuum or Broom

A small hand held vacuum or broom is way more useful than you might think. I was shocked my freshman year with how many times I was scooping up random clumps off various trash with my hands before I went out and bought a small vacuum. Makes cleaning up so much easier!

8. Hanger Extenders

For anyone who has a lot of clothes, hanger extenders are definitely something you need. With limited closet space, having hanger extenders allows you to store more clothes with out your closet looking like a packed mess.