Ear Candy Seg. 9

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A segment where WCU Media and Culture Senior, Jamari Brown. Reviews/critiques musical projects from different genres that he thinks would be great for all listeners.



“Please Don’t Fall In Love With Me” by Khalid

Please Don’t Fall In Love With Me by Khalid (song.link)

Khalid, the nostalgic singer that came up out of El Paso, Texas has come back smoother/better than ever with a soon-to-be hit song “Please Don’t Fall In Love With Me”. It has been a while since the last time he released music, but he did not disappoint with the soulful sound his fans are used to from him. The song has a full-of-life feel to it that could have you up and moving, while also being able to calm you down and (what some would say) put you in your “bag”.

The song is about Khalid losing his love interest to another guy he knows of. Khalid is hurt that there was even a time the two were in love because its harder to get over her now than it was to get to know her. And that’s when he comes in with the chorus, “please, don’t fall in love with me, don’t fall in love with me, don’t fall in love with me, don’t fall in love wit me.” To emphasize the reasoning of him being hurt is because this ex-lover once gave him her heart. If you like a good love song or artists such as Post Malone, Bazzi, 6LACK; then this is indeed a song for you. You can find this song on all music streaming platforms.



“Stressed Out” by Kodak Black

Stressed Out by Kodak Black (song.link)

Kodak Black, the Haitian rapper based out of Florida has recently released a song just weeks after he has become sober and clean of Percocet’s. A few months back Kodak Black was going on Instagram live to what seemed like to be every day. On Instagram, Kodak looked and acted impaired and viewers took note. He has recently come back into the media after weeks of being out of it and says he is now clean. And released this song to speak on the problems he was facing in those hard times.

“Tryna help a n**** and he left me, tell you the truth I’m stressing. I done f***ed around and got a b**** pregnant, my lawyer hollering “pay me”. Got me locked up, tryna spray me. I got a warrant, so I’m shaking”. Kodak being able to be vulnerable and ability to tell the world what he is actually going through is why I like this song. I feel like us as listeners and viewers judge people on their actions and we never know what they’re actually going through. This is a must listen to. You can find this song on all music streaming platforms.



“Shudder” by Jelani Aryeh

Shudder by Jelani Aryeh (song.link)

Jelani Aryeh, the alternative singer from San Diego, California has recently released his third song from his upcoming album “The Sweater Club” which will be releasing June 21st. From the first time I heard him I knew the voice was something special. And the production from this song does a good job complimenting his sound. The feel of his music gives off Lorde’s “Pure Heroine” vibes. He and his team do a great job of making you feel an emotion from the music.

The song “Shudder” is about how Jelani fears not having this significant other to lean on and without that person it just increases his anxiousness in everyday life. The chorusing repeating “I shudder” makes the listener understand that that is all he can do without the weight of this person in his arms or the thought of not being a part of this person’s heart anymore. If you like artists like Lorde, Troy Sivan, Coldplay and Clairo, this is a song for you. I don’t think there are any listeners in this world that would have anything bad to say about it. You can find this song on all music streaming platforms.



“When I’m Leavin’” by charlieonnafriday

When I’m Leavin’ by charlieonnafriday (song.link)

charlieonnafriday, the singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington has recently released a feel-good song that can help you through hardship and also help listeners going through the same things know that they aren’t alone.

This song is about a girl that Charlie loves but when they spend time together it doesn’t feel like she feels the same way. There is normally fighting or just a feeling of her not wanting to be present. The only time he really feels her love and really feels wanted is when he is leaving. Active listeners of artists like The Kid LAROI, Tate McRae, or Post Malone, I believe this is a song for you. This song is on all music streaming platforms.