Ear Candy Seg. 10

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A segment where WCU Media and Culture Senior, Jamari Brown. Reviews/critiques musical projects from different genres that he thinks would be great to listen to.



“Numb (2024)” by Rod Wave

Numb (2024) by Rod Wave (song.link)

Rod Wave, the singer from St. Petersburg, Florida has recently released a new song on April 19th. He has a song from 2018 with the same title and has a different perspective of numbness 6 years later.

The song is about how numb Rod is now to pain and the situations he’s been through because it tends to feel like it happens often. From loved ones dying, to loved ones being incarcerated, to loved ones disappointing and becoming disloyal to him. When looking at the lyrics and listening to the song you can feel the pain that he is releasing into this song. We have all felt a feeling of disloyalty or death within the family. With many positive reviews, I recommend this song because there is some way it can relate to one’s life. If you listen to artists like Toosi, NoCap, or Yung Bleu, I think this would be song for you.



“How to Love” by A Boogie wit da Hoodie

How to Love by A Boogie wit da Hoodie (song.link)

A Boogie, the rapper/singer straight out of the Bronx, NY has just released an EP on April 22nd to give his fans a little taste of what they should expect from his album that releases on May 17th. “How to Love” is the song on the EP that stood out to me while listening to it. If you are familiar with the artist, A Boogie; this song makes you reminisce his music from 2016-17, which was when he was mainly a love-song-artist.

The song is him apologizing to his ex-lover for doing her wrong and letting her know that he knows that he messed up and is willing to work it out. But with her up and leaving so easily it hurt him because he feels like if the love was real, it wouldn’t be so easy to leave. If you like a good love song or artists like PnB Rock, Lil Tjay, Tory Lanez. Then this is indeed a song for you. You can listen to this song on all music streaming platforms.



“Scared To Start” by Michael Marcagi

Scared To Start by Michael Marcagi (song.link)

Michael Marcagi, the singer/songwriter from Cincinnati, Ohio has released a masterpiece of a song, that seems to be a story of a woman that he was spending time within a group and when they got time to talk alone she let him know that he shouldn’t wait to make a move on her. It has received many good reviews so far.

“Don’t you wait to try it, are you scared to find it? and do you wanna take my broken heart? Will you ever heal from all these scars?” this is the chorus of what she is saying to him and when going into the second verse it is him talking about the future the two could have together and then it goes right back in that chorus of her saying “Don’t you wait to try it”. I truly just love the concept of this song and how it was made. Kind of like a conversation going on throughout it and a conversation that a lot of people can relate to. If you like artists like Zach Bryan, Benson Boone, or Good Neighbours; you’ll definitely enjoy this song. You can find this song on all music streaming platforms.



“Your Love Is All I Need” by VEDO

Your Love Is All I Need by VEDO (song.link)

VEDO, the singer out of Benton Harbor, Michigan has released a new single from his upcoming album “Next Chapter” set to release on May 17th. VEDO became known for being one of Ushers singers on the voice in 2013 and finished in the top 12. I thought it was funny that Usher was his coach because when I first heard this song. It gave off Usher and Chris Brown vibes 2000s vibes. Kind of took me back to that legendary time.

This song is about VEDO falling in love and pursuing a woman that has not yet become his yet. He reviews what he loves about her and what he wants from her once they do get together. It is kind of like the love songs that we used to hear back in the 2000s or the 2010s that we don’t normally hear today. The type of songs that encourage you to go tell the girl you wish to pursue that you are interested. If you like artists like Usher, Chris Brown, or Trey Songz then this is definitely a song for you. You can find this song on all music streaming platforms.