Take a Path to Better Communication, Yoga Style

Are you stressed out?

Young adults in college who are stressed out and overwhelmed after endless nights of studying and coffee diets need a healthy way to relieve stress. Starting yoga can help students take a break from the physical stress as well as mental stress. Relieving these stress points can help students feel more positive and energized therefore communicating better with those around them. The practice of yoga has been seen to benefit college students through increased mindfulness which results in more rest and better communication quality.

Healthier Communication through yoga

Studies have found that yoga is improving the way young people find inner balance, improve their personalities, and communication skills after by relieving their stress. Practicing yoga each day washes out physical and mental stresses which can then result in improved situations that create effective communication. Starting your morning with yoga creates a sense of control that can balance out your whole day.

Yoga for college students is also an inexpensive way to work out. It is a great workout that starts by building flexibility, strengthening the core, and building muscle in the arms and legs. These physical benefits could also transfer to mental benefits and wellness by allowing those who practice yoga to learn to be flexible in their own lives, strengthen their mind, and build an understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Academic Improvements through yoga

Academic achievement is attained through the quality of task performance and proper communication. The science behind yoga is described as a powerful knowledge that enables one’s self to achieve and control physical health, serene mind, and create the ability for harmonious social living.

Different forms of yoga, through various techniques result in different traits of mindfulness and management of stress. The practice of pranayama (breathing practice intended to influence vital forces) and meditation bring along the improvement of school studies following just ten days of practice. This improvement is believed to be because of increased hand-eye-coordination, attention, relaxation, and concentration.

Consider giving yoga a try

Considering that many of us have had our fair share of busy days and stressful nights, we don’t always have much time to relax or rejuvenate in the healthiest of ways. This is where the practice of yoga and incorporated meditation practices can help. Taking into consideration tight class schedules, know that yoga does not have to be performed in a tiny air tight studio with other yogis by your side, but simply entering into a quiet space within your bedroom, dorm, or even apartment living room is an easy set up for at home yoga or meditation.

Joining a yoga studio and belonging to the yoga community however is a great way to really understand and experience the true benefits of the practice. Believe it or not, yoga really does help communication skills in getting along better with others while boosting your confidence and lessening your stress. Yoga will enhance your ability to deal with people and control emotions while allowing your respect to grow for the feelings of others.

How to get started

  • FREE classes at WCU: Click here to view the schedule for Fall 2018.
  • Download a yoga app on your smartphone
  • YouTube Videos
  • Local yoga studies

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