Photographers have an array of job duties, aside from just taking pictures. They capture images using digital or analog cameras for use in print publications, online content, video content, advertising, e-commerce press releases, or private use. The person behind the camera is also in charge of editing photos to perfection. Editing can include adding color or changing of color, editing the brightness and contrast. Being a photographer takes a lot of patience and skill to build up clientele or get a steady job in the field.


Some of the skills you need are knowledge of a DSLR camera such as a Nixon or Canon. It would be a plus to have Photoshop and Illustrator skills, you can take free courses on these subjects online and gain certifications to provide on your LinkedIn page. College courses may even require you to achieve them. Photo editing is another skill required and may involve global corrections of light, color, sharpness, and grain, as well as more invasive editing, such as removal of unwanted objects from a photo, stitching two or more photos together, or layering elements from one photo on top of another.

Career Choices

There are all different types of jobs in the photography field. These outlets may include news agencies, TV and radio stations, publishing houses, magazines, newspapers, multimedia companies, film production companies, and record labels.

  • Wedding (Freelance, event companies)
  • Sports (ESPN, Freelance)
  • Nature (National Geographic, Travel magazines)
  • Lifestyle (Paparazzi, magazines, newspaper)


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