Tips and Tricks for The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift is currently on one of the most talked about tours right now. Since announcing the Eras Tour in the fall of 2022, this has been one of the most anticipated concerts for months. After the battle of getting tickets, Swifties who were lucky enough to get tickets began getting ready for their concerts. As someone who is going to one of her shows, I have searched high and low for ways to make the most out of the Eras Tour.  Here are some tips I’ve seen to have the best time at The Eras Tour!

Have fun with your outfit, but also make sure you are comfortable.

Swifties have always kept it fun and interesting regarding their outfit choices. It has been a long-standing custom that fans will dress in ways that emulate Taylor’s style. Fans are taking it to the next level for the Eras Tour and going all out on their outfits. Concertgoers are finding outfit inspiration in all of her outfits, and many are curating the perfect concert look.

Keeping this in mind, it is incredibly important also to prioritize comfort while you are at the concert. Taylor’s set is on average 44 songs which comes in at around three hours and with an additional two opening acts, your feet will certainly be tired by the end of the night. As tempting as cool shoes or heels may be, comfortable shoes are a must! To find outfit inspiration or to share your own concert fit, TikTok has been the hub for Eras Tour content, especially outfit and makeup ideas.

Be sure to check venue policies.

This tip is really important as all venues are different and may have different policies. While most venues are encouraging people to bring clear plastic bags, it would be beneficial to refer to the rules on your venue’s website to have a clear understanding of what is allowed versus what is not.

If you are visiting Lincoln Financial Field to see Taylor you can find more about their stadium bag policies as well as other information here!

Get there early!

If you are looking to get some merch to remember the concert by, get there as early as you can. At most tour stops thus far, merch vans have been opening up outside the venue the day before the concert. It’s likely that by the end of the night, your favorite items might not be left. To see what merch Taylor has available you can browse here.

In addition to merch, getting there early will ensure that you will get to park closer to the venue and guarantee that you won’t miss a minute of the concert!