Meet Taylor Christensen

Jamison Burns

About Taylor

Taylor is a senior student here at West Chester University. Taylor was born on March 4, 1997 in north New Jersey. This is where he grew up with his parents and his lone brother, Grayson. Taylor picked up playing football in his adolescence when he began to play in second grade. Taylor played as a lineman for the most of his career. Then he moved to full back and linebacker junior and senior year of high school.


Taylor’s Personality

While talking to Taylor about his childhood I picked up a very positive vibe. He talked about how he was rarely inside alone, he was always with his friends hanging out or being active in some other type of way. He gave me the impression that he had a very easygoing, but joyous childhood, which I feel I had as well. I found a connection early to Taylor when I asked him which sports teams he supports because he, like me, is a fan of New York teams. He is a fan because he is from north jersey and I am because of my parents being from there. But when I found myself extremely jealous was when I asked him to tell me about one of the coolest moments of his life.

Jamison Burns

Taylor’s Super Bowl 46 Experience

Taylor proceeded to tell me about the time he got to go to Super Bowl 46 to watch the Giants take on the Patriots. This was the Giants fourth all-time Super Bowl, and Eli Manning’s second duel won against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. He added that he got to go out onto the field after the game and do a bit of celebrating. He described his experience as being “surreal”, and coming from another New York sports fan, it had to have been surreal, if not better.


What Taylor hopes to do…

 I then asked Taylor about his schooling here at West Chester. Taylor is a communications major at this university, he informed me that he attempted to add a minor in media and culture, but unfortunately his advisor failed to provide him with the proper assistance to achieve this goal of his. In the future after Taylor has graduated from the University, he wants to pursue a career involving sports broadcasting, editing, or producing. Taylor also told me that lately he has become a lot more interested in the entertainment side of the field. He recently has been taking a class on acting because of this sudden interest in the subject. 

West Chester Positives

Taylor really enjoyed his years at West Chester so far, saying that they’ve been very fun and sometimes interesting. He has lived in and around the town of West Chester for the past few years, saying the town is very attractive and that there is a lot of stuff to do around this area. Taylor is in his last year here at West Chester University and has had a splendid time attending. Similar to his life before college, I think his years after college will be just as active, and just as joyous.