Social Media Coordinator

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It’s no secret – we use our cell phones and social media sites as a way to pass time and get through our days. They are an essential tool in our lives, whether that be to text our friends, scroll through Instagram, or play a puzzle game.

Since we use social media on a daily basis, what better way for businesses and brands to get their messages across, and establish their brands? That is where the job of a social media coordinator comes in. Social media coordinators manage online marketing campaigns to promote brands with various media forms such as social networking platforms, blogs, discussion boards, and more. 

What are the duties of a social media coordinator?

  • Manage social media accounts
  • Research current marketing trends
  • Build the brand’s reputation
  • Create and post engaging content that relates to the brand as a whole
  • Interact online with their audience
  • Monitor analytics to measure the success of campaigns

What is the work environment like?

Social media coordinators typically work with other people. For instance, they might work with public relations specialists on events or marketing consultants for assistance on campaigns. They might work in an office setting at a digital marketing agency. They might also work from home because most of their work is virtual.

What skills and traits are required for this position?

Social media coordinators must be friendly and have exceptional communication skills. They must be creative and able to think outside of the box. They must be competent in the handling of social media and must understand how each platform functions. Social media coordinators must be able to identify the brand’s core audience and create campaigns that fall in line with their preferences. 

What educational background is needed for this position?

In order to obtain a career as a social media coordinator, a bachelor’s degree is needed in any of the following subjects:

  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Media
  • Journalism
  • Communications

What is the typical salary/pay for a social media coordinator?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary for a social media coordinator is around $56,770. This does not include those who are self-employed as social media coordinators, often referred to as influencers. However, this position is expected to expand within the next decade as more companies hop on board with the digital marketing approach. 

How can I prepare for this career while still in college?

There are many ways you can prepare for a career as a social media coordinator while still in college. First, you can expand your knowledge of social media by researching how companies use it to promote products or services. You can also take courses in any of the subjects listed above, as West Chester University offers a variety of these (including independent study courses). Finally, you can apply for internship positions that have you manage or use social media to promote their company. 

As the rise of social media continues, so will the growth of careers relating to it, including that of a social media coordinator.


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