Meet Maggie Caputo #FacesofCom

Meet Maggie

This is Maggie Caputo! Maggie is a sweet and kind-hearted individual who has an overwhelming love for photography. Maggie is in her third year at West Chester University and is majoring in Communications Studies. She decided to take the Communications route when she wasn’t too sure what she wanted to do, but knew COM was very broad. She didn’t like the thought of a narrow, dead-set path and needed to be assured there was room for a lot of options after the degree is achieved! Not to mention, Maggie has a minor in Media and Culture.

Media and Culture @ WCU

Media and Culture at West Chester gives students the opportunity to focus more on intercultural perspectives, strategic communication, and media related fields. With this awesome major and minor combination, Maggie loves that it gives her a ton of options for classes and endless career paths. A job she has in mind is running a company’s social media. Since taking these media and culture classes, she has become more self-aware in what she likes and dislikes. One of Maggie’s favorite classes that she took at West Chester was actually philosophy! Though philosophy is a General Education requirement, she found it compelling and intriguing.

What Maggie likes to do

Now let’s talk outside of the classroom! Maggie loooooves taking pictures, but to be more specific she enjoys working with new technology as it evolves. When she’s not behind the lens you can most likely find her hanging out with her best friends, who she lives with, or with her family. Spending time with her family is very near and dear to her heart because it’s very large and very Italian! Maggie is also involved in Greek life! She has been a member of Alpha Phi since the fall of her freshman year. Being involved with Greek life on campus has given her the opportunity to make friends that she knows she will have for the rest of her life. Aside from that, she’s very passionate about Alpha Phi’s philanthropy, the Alpha Phi Foundation. In this, she has had the pleasure to raise money and awareness for women’s heart health!  

Where Maggie would like to visit

When asked “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” Maggie was very excited to answer Italy. Her grandparents are form Italy and her parents were married there! She even thinks she might get to Italy soon… fingers crossed!! Besides Italy, she is perfectly content with going to her happy summer home at Margate, New Jersey. It’s her local beach, where you’d most likely find her there jamming to some of today’s hottest pop tunes, during the dog days of summer!