5 Ways to Spot a College Student

Planners are life

1. They ALWAYS have a planner on them!! With so much to keep track of how else are we expected to do it? Between clubs, sports, classes, and a job it’s easy to forget something. Most people’s planners are super cute, so it’s like having an accessory to keep you on track with all your Communications classes!

Not enough hours in a day

2. When you see someone fast walking, sloshing coffee all over the front of their wrinkled shirt, and nervously checking their phone or watch they’re probably a college student who’s late to class! It doesn’t matter what time you leave for class, somehow it always seems like there isn’t enough time in the day.

Comfort is style

3.If you see a kid in a groutfit don’t assume they have no fashion sense. College students never reel out their best outfits until it’s the weekend. When you’re going to class you just wanna pull on your nearest pair of joggers or yoga pants. It’s all about comfort when you’re trying to pay attention in class!

Overloaded Backpack

4. If you see someone with a bulging backpack and they look lost, congratulations on finding not just a college student, but a freshman. It’s totally understandable. The bulging backpack stems from a fear of being underprepared for your first set of college classes. The lost look is something we’re all familiar with, because even though you know campus like the back of your hand by the time you leave, it feels twice as big when you first get there!

Tired all the time

5. They look tired. We’ve all felt the weight of existential dread dripping off our shoulders as we bravely march on like soldiers to battle. The fear that fills your chest as you walk into a test you know you’re about to miserably flunk is a feeling shared by college students everywhere. The sleepless nights of studying, the chilly nights walking back from the library while the cold cuts down to the bone. Its a tiredness that doesn’t stop etching itself into one’s face until the last final is taken. Dark circles are the most telling sign of a scholar.