How to Make the Most Out of Your College Summer Vacation

With summer just around the corner, students everywhere are counting the days left until finals week is over. After a long winter and two full semesters of stress, assignments, group projects, and tests, it is finally time for that nice, long and sunny break you deserve. Summer break is the perfect opportunity for students to explore new opportunities without the stress of school.

Sometimes, it is hard to step out of the ordinary and find things to do during your break. Here are 4 tips on how to have fun during your summer vacation, while taking the time to de-stress as well.

1. Find a job that is fun, easy, and can teach you something new that you wouldn’t be able to do in college.

After 2 semesters of countless of hours of working hard and studying, the last thing you want to do during the summer is to find a demanding job to put even more stress on your table. But, working during your summer vacation is a very smart and responsible action to pursue in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming fall semester. Not only does it prepare you for the future financially, but with a summer job, you are able to learn new skills such as teamwork, communication, organization and time management. Whether the job is full-time, part-time or abroad, find a job that you genuinely enjoy will make the time pass easier. Also, if you choose a job that is related to your major or career path can look very good on your resume.

2. Step away from college and try new hobbies or learn new skills.

Since you will be having a lot more time in your hands, use that time to experience things that you haven’t experienced before. Sign up for a photography class, go fishing, sign up for a yoga class, learn how to play an instrument or anything else that interests you. Or find opportunities to volunteer within your community. There are plenty of local non-profits, charities and community groups all over the country that are all accepting of any help.

3. Spend time outside and travel as much as you can during your vacation.

Summer always feels a lot shorter than winter ever does, so it is very important to appreciate it while you can. This summer, travel to areas around you to see what you can find and be able to find new things to do. For example, explore a different beach you’ve never been to, or go hiking on that trail you pass often. There are plenty of fun and exciting outdoor activities that include swimming, camping, hiking, going to amusement parks, lakes, beaches, and more. Spending time outside is very good for one’s mental health and can help with seasonal depression. Also, by simply going outside, it can help lower blood pressure and stress.

4. Finally, give yourself a break and enjoy your summer!

After working so hard for the past two semesters, it is crucial to reward yourself by relaxing.  This is the time to de-stress and focus on your mental and physical health. Sleep in, practice yoga, get a massage, or do whatever helps you breathe slowly and take in the moment. Taking the time to relax during these weeks in between classes helps to avoid being burnt out from all the hard work you put into classes and helps motivate you for the upcoming semester.

Most importantly, do what makes you happy and learn how to balance your days to make the most of it. In the professional world, there are no summer vacations, and this is why it is extremely important to enjoy your time in college while you can during your summer vacation.