5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for You and Your Significant Other

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with things reopening and cases dropping, you may be looking for a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other. No matter your comfort level or budget, we have some suggestions for how to spend Valentine’s Day.

1. The Classic “Dinner Date”

The most common way for couples to celebrate their love is by going to a nice place to eat, but it’s a classic for a reason. As someone who grew up in the area, I am experienced with dining at many restaurants in West Chester. The best places I recommend making reservations are Limoncello (Italian), Pietros Prime (Steakhouse), Greystone Oyster Bar (Seafood), and Teca (Bar & Pub). All of these places are relatively close to campus and a good walking distance.

2. Bowling

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No matter what anyone says, you are never too old to bowl! If you and your partner enjoy being active and hate sitting still for a long period of time, this is the perfect date for you. Two of the most entertaining bowling places in the area are Round 1 (Exton, Pa) and Palace Bowling and Entertainment Center (Downingtown, Pa).

3. The TikTok “Target Couples Challenge”

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The challenge involves a trip to Target with your significant other and some money you are willing to spend. Each person individually shops for the other person throughout the store. The categories involve things of favorite color, favorite snack, favorite drink, something to do together and  something that reminds you of them. After returning home, you can have a surprise gift exchange!

4. Cook Dinner at Home Together

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If you’re a couple on a budget, try cooking a meal at home. By staying home, you have the freedom to cook or bake whatever you want and avoids the crowded restaurants. A bonus is you are spending one-on-one quality time together as well. You can even discover and take on new recipes together.

5. Movie Marathon

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Another date that does not involve leaving your house, (especially in a time like this) is having a movie marathon. I recommend using streaming streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc. You and your partner can watch any movie you want together and cuddle up on the couch. If you’re not sure what to watch, some good series suggestions are Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Hunger Games, and Pirates of the Caribbean.