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Katie #facesofcom

Meet Katie

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Katie Reilly is a sophomore here at West Chester University majoring in Media and Culture. Although she attends school in Pennsylvania she is originally from Freehold, New Jersey. Katie chose the Media and Culture minor because she is a social and can make relationships with others. She believes this will help her succeed and will get her to the same place in a marketing career without taking a math class.

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Why Media and Culture?

With this major, her future career plans are to work for a fashion company and run their social media accounts. It would be a good fit for her because she would utilize her artistic abilities while socializing with the followers. This major will give her all the background knowledge on how to efficiently spread messages to those target audiences. And gain hands-on practice using different technological methods to excel in the field.

Katie #facesofcom

What are some cool things about Katie?

A quality that best describes Katie is that she is a hardworking person, with strong leadership qualities who is also in touch with her artistic side rather than her mathematical side. That is why she likes this major so much because it allows her to be creative yet still learn a lot to help her in her career without having to take classes she is not interested in.

Katie #facesofcom

Media and Marketing Work

In addition to her major helping her, Katie is also Vice President of Membership in her sorority, Alpha Phi. This means that she is in charge of putting together a formal recruitment for her individual chapter as well as different marketing events for the year. She is to create an image for the chapter and promote it via social media and in the recruitment rounds. This allows her to put into practice the skills that she acquires from her major and personality. She has to plan four different rounds with differently themed rooms and outfits. It allows her to tap into her artistic abilities to create a vision. These events usually include 500+ people walking through the rooms. She also has to train the rest of the recruiters on how to do the job to the best of their abilities.

Another aspect to the position is learning to work within a specific budget to complete the task. This requires her to practice a lot of organization, knowledge and leadership. Tying her major to such a strong leadership role will allow Katie to feel comfortable in her field because she will have a lot of practice trying different aspects of the job before getting into the actual role itself. Katie hopes that through all the practice and knowledge she has acquired, she will feel more than ready to take on her dream job.

Katie #facesofcom