How I got stuck in Brandywine with Elaine Ritschard. Don’t worry, it was cool!

So guess what guys Ola set me up with another talented Communication Scholar. She’s even artsy and inspired by the lovely Bob Ross. She’ s team com all the way. Her goal is to work in advertising after graduation. And in case you couldn’t guess, she’s Elaine Ritschard! A true student abstractionist. With an amazing website, portfolio, and creative eye.

This is How it Went Down

I was in the Media Center in Brandywine Hall working on my infographic for Mental Health in an Organization which you guys should totally check out. Elaine seemed pretty quiet and shy at first so I asked her “I heard you’re a traditional artist. Would you ever make your work digital?” She said she thought about going digital, but she likes physically painting. It is a pretty relaxing and calming hobby. Then our conversation picked up from there! Elaine spoke to me about how she copes with her mental health and anxiety. Bob Ross is one of her inspirations when it comes to painting and uses painting as a creative outlet. Elaine hopes to step out of her shell more and I am thrilled to have met her and to help her do so!


Why does Elaine paint?

Elaine uses painting as a creative outlet for her mental health. It really helps her with her anxiety. Elaine doesn’t plan most of her work. Some of her best pieces of artwork are spur-of-the-moment pieces because as a communication major, she has a lot going on. Elaine is graduating, and she told me “It happens whenever it happens. Like I’ll think of something and brew it in my mind and go do it but sometimes I’m just so busy for weeks at a time and I can’t really do anything.” I can relate to that statement 100%. Elaine told me that it’s a good to take breaks when you’re working in a creative outlet. When there is a lot going on, your creativity will suffer because your mind is focused on other things.

Colors, colors, and more colors

The colors Elaine chooses reflects on her mood. For example, if she is having a weird day she’ll tend to use colors that don’t typically match. Which are my favorite because matching is too mainstream. However, she loves using cooler color pallets. If she decided to paint outside and its a cloudy day she likes to use blues and grays. Elaine also likes to use pinks and yellows to paint sunsets.


More about Elaine

Elaine likes that she does not feel restricted with her art, keep her work to herself, and make her own rules. She noted that this is why she does not have an Instagram. However, she is trying to branch out from that. She started to put herself out there through her MDC 251 course (Media Technology ) with Ola. “I made a video in Ola’s class for the website I had to make and I’m surprised she remembered it.” Well Elaine’s talented who would’ve remember her work after seeing it?!

Why you should see Elaine’s Work

Painting is an older medium that is common, but not as popular and does not receive the credit it deserves. Elaine’s work is definitely an original and I can tell that her daily life has contributed positive qualities to her work. So everyone, the moral of this story is, old-fashion mediums are STILL an excellent way to express creativity. Please give her work a look!