How To Get Involved and Stay Involved On Campus

As a student on campus who is still trying to find their way, it is important to make connections during your time at the university. Being involved on campus can occupy a lot of college student’s time. Students may often feel it is hard to get involved because one may not know where to start. It’s important to do so now, because many students look back on their college years after graduation and wish they were active on campus and more involved.  

Find an Organization That Interests You

West Chester offers a website where one can search through all of the organizations offered on campus. Some of the organizations on campus are major/ minor related which may help students build meaningful networks. Other organizations are everyday interest related such as sports or cosmetics. Under each organization is information regarding the board members where you can contact them if you’d like to know more about it or find out when the club meets. You can use the following website

Go To School Wide Events

The University hosts Rams After Hours every Friday. Every Friday there is a different event with different themes for all students to attend. Most of the events have giveaways, food, and activities. This is a really cool and fun aspect of the university that more students could attend to meet other students or just have fun with their group of friends. West Chester also has events where they take trips sometimes. The most recent one was a trip to the Phillies Game! All of these events are another way to connect and meet students outside of one’s regular classes.

Follow Some University Social Media Pages

The University has a variety of instagram pages that post regularly to keep students and the community updated. All students have social media accounts so why not follow the social media pages of the school you attend. They have pages on instagram and twitter. Some of the instagrams are as follows :

@wcupa (West Chester University) ; @wcusac (WCU Student Activities Council)

@wcudiningservices (West Chester University Dining) ; @wcuathletics (WCU Athletics)

@wcuweekly (WCU Weekly)