How To Turn Your Internship Into A Career

Here is Stephanie Euler’s story about how she turned her internship into her career.

Getting a job right out of school is something every college student dreams of. For Stephanie Euler, that dream became a reality when she turned her internship into a paid position.

Stephanie attended West Chester and graduated in 2016 with her degree in Communication Studies, concentrating in marketing. She didn’t start off thinking that she wanted to pursue a degree in marketing. Stephanie’s initial plan was to find a job dealing with broadcast journalism. In high school, Stephanie was on her school paper,  but knew it wasn’t right for her.

After taking some classes, Stephanie realized; “it wasn’t anything what I thought it would be and realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do”. Stephanie took Dr. Sawyer’s event planning class and discovered her love for event management. The question was, what job or internship could she get in that particular field.

Stephanie was finishing up a summer internship when she learned about new internship opportunity. “I got an email from Dr. Sawyer over the summer when no one is checking their email but me”, she explains. She didn’t even think she was going to get the internship, but the email sealed the deal.

Kelly Roach

The internship was with Kelly Roach, CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching. The position was podcast production and marketing intern. However, like most college students, Stephanie didn’t just have class and then her internship. She was working three jobs and also juggling a full class load. Despite all of this, it didn’t stop her. She managed her time and was able to create a schedule that allowed her to work, complete coursework, and complete her internship.

Stephanie Euler speaking to future leaders

Stephanie stresses that balancing everything is truly the key to being successful. Whether it is with work, school or an internship. What truly helped her was calendar blocking. Stephanie made sure that she had time put away to complete her homework and other projects with her internship. “If I knew that I had class from 8-12, I said ‘ok that is school time’ and then I would do work for my internship, and then go to work”, she recalls.

All that hard work and effective time management paid off. Today, Stephanie holds a paid position with Kelly Roach and her team at Kelly Roach Coaching. She is the Podcast and Marketing Manager, helping put out three episodes a week for Unstoppable Success Radio hosted by Kelly. She loves what she does and is grateful Kelly gave her this opportunity right after graduation.

So, how can you turn your internship into a paid career?

Stephanie offers some pointers that she gives to the interns she now supervises at Kelly Roach Coaching. Plan out what needs to be done so that you can be accountable for the work you produce. Be honest with yourself. Telling your employer that homework is pilling up this week and something can’t get done will help everyone. It is all about open communication. Staying organized and clear about your work will help you accomplish more and be noticed by your supervisors as an attractive job candidate.

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