Lights! Camera! Action! A few tips to become a Director

Woman in Director's chair on set

Today, more than ever, it can be hard to keep up with the newest media trend. A new show, movie, YouTube series, or even podcast seems to come out a few times a day. Everything is must watch so it can be overwhelming. The reason we have so many choices is because humans love entertainment. From bread and circuses to movies and popcorn, entertainment is a pivotal part of our lives. All these projects make it the perfect time to get into the media business, lend a hand in creating the stories cherished by others. What better role is there in the hierarchy than that of Director? These individuals steer pop culture and bring heroes and villains, comedies and tragedies to life.

Why Direct?

Get your degree

The first step on your journey is to complete a College Degree, hopefully here at West Chester University. To become a Director, a bachelors in Communication or Media and Culture could prove beneficial. If you pursue Media and Culture it is in your best interest to specialize in Media Production, although all would work. These majors serve as the basis of much of the modern entertainment industry and help to teach new generations the skills and tactics of veteran producers and directors.  

An aspiring director must truly know their craft. Although your major should be in Communication or Media and Culture there are other classes to take advantage of at West Chester University. Writing classes can give you experience crafting your own stories and refining them into future classics. West Chester also offers a variety of film classes, these classes will specifically focus on the cinema, but learning to critically and deeply analyze media will help a director across mediums. 

West Chester also provides internship opportunities and many clubs that can help build a resume and portfolio. At WCU Studios, it’s a hands-on experience in media production that can work as a springboard for potential careers.

Get Hands on Experience

Man operating camera

A good way to avoid the typical Hollywood scene is to get involved with low budget or indie films. These projects are by definition lower budget, but not necessarily unambitious. This route allows for more creative input and control. Though not easy it can be easier to become a director of a short film. This can greatly add to your resume and get your name to a wider audience, both publicly and professionally. Remeber cult classic movies like Resivior Dogs and The Blair Witch Project began as indie films!

Climbing the Ladder

Enjoy your Success

Now, all that’s left is to direct a production. You will have more control than anyone on which projects you do and how they turn out. When you get to the top it may feel like there is little left for you to do, but this is where the real fun part begins. Now show the world the modern classics you can make.