Life After College: Social Media Director

What is a Social Media Director?

There are so many things you can do with a degree in Communication Studies. It can range from Public Relations to Marketing! However, how about doing something you love and wouldn’t mind doing on a daily basis as you get paid for it. Social Media Directors hold an important title in the world of Communication studies. What exactly do SM directors do? Well, according to Social Media directors boosts the companies online presence as a whole. They also are there to build relationships through social media. Did you ever wonder who was behind a media platform trying to reach different audiences? Well, here you have it. A fun way to connect with people in a way that is growing rapidly in this up and coming generation.

Questions to ask a when hiring a Social Media Director…

What Social Media platform(s) are best for your business? (and have them explain why).

-Have they ever had to handle a social media/online reputation crisis?

-What’s the most important thing a social media manager should be doing?

-Do they have a blog and do they currently write content for social media channels?

These question are on for the direct answers. These are some example questions that will possibly be asked in an interview for this position. Furthermore, it is very important to know some background information. Finally, Glassdoor and other outlets offer some more example questions for this career.

Average Salary

Goal after college is to make money?

The average pay for a Social Media Director is $71,142 per year.

Similar Jobs/Starting Points

  • Blogger
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Brand Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Content Strategist
  • Communications Professional
  • Digital Media Manager


It may not work out the way you want it but it will never help to build yourself as a brand new college graduate. In conclusion, starting out somewhere is the beginning path that leads you to a better path!

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