Ear Candy SEG 3

A segment where WCU Media and Culture Senior, Jamari Brown, reviews/critiques musical projects from different genres that he thinks would be great to listen to.


Indie Rock

“Weird Faith” by Madi Diaz

Weird Faith by Madi Diaz (album.link)

Madi Diaz, an indie artist from Lancaster, PA has released her third album “Weird Faith” on February 9th, 2024. In this project, Madi touches on love, risk taking, and life. In her song “Girlfriend” she is talking to the ex-girlfriend of the guy she met. Basically, saying if she was in her shoes she would hate her too. Using this unique perspective is what makes this a great track. Thinking about it in that way isn’t normal but kind of comes off as fun in a way.

If you are into artists like Sigrid or Allision Ponthier, this is a project for you to listen to. Diaz truly makes you feel like you are a part of something in this album and is very detail-oriented to a point where you can relate to how you felt during what she is explaining, other than having a broader relation to the music like you may with other artists. I highly recommend this piece of art and you can find it on all streaming platforms.



“Praise Jah in the Moonlight” by YG Marley

Praise Jah In the Moonlight by YG Marley (song.link)

 YG Marley, the son of Rohan Marley and Ms. Lauryn Hill, and the grandson of the legendary Bob Marley has recently released his debut song right before the new year of 2024. If you listen to Bob Marley and love his work, you will feel the same way about this heart felt song by YG. He talks about the lost love he’s had with his other half and the pain it has been putting him through. He also explains that even though they are going through this hardship he will never leave her lonely and hopes that she does the same.

 “These roads of flames are catching a fire, showed you loved, you called me a liar. Give Jah the thanks and praises, I’ve been on my own, own, own. But we ain’t never left alone-lone-lone” Just these lines alone show and make you feel what YG Marley is trying to say. It is a blessing to be alone at times but once you get lonely it starts to become a curse and that will make you do, see, and miss things you never knew you could miss. This song has made me start looking forward to more from YG Marley and how he will carry on the family legacy. I highly recommend this song and you are able to listen to it on all streaming platforms.


UK Hip-Hop

“Drop 7” by Little Simz

Drop 7 by Little Simz (album.link)

Little Simz, the British artist from London has released a new up-tempo EP that has showed how versatile the artist is. Starting the first track “Mood Swings” off with a party vibe leads into the other songs doing the same exact thing. A perfect intro song to set the tone of this EP. This project just feels like she is having fun with music and in life. Her previous tape is what solidified her in the industry, while also playing a main acting role in Netflix’s hit show “Top Boy”, which has given her room to experiment. You can certainly tell and feel how comfortable she is within this 7-song EP.

 “If I say that I’m the greatest then I mean it, mean it. I’ve been buildin’ a new mansion up on Venus, long time coming for this sh*t, now we lit.” through these lyrics from her song “Power” you can see how confident she is and goes on to let the fans and haters know I advise you to give this EP a listen. You can find this project on all streaming platforms.



“What Happened to the Beach?” by Declan Mckenna

What Happened to the Beach? by Declan McKenna (album.link)

Declan Mckenna has recently released his third studio album and it is very much so ear candy. Listening to this project makes you want to sit on breezy beach past 12 looking up at the stars. If you listen and love artists like Lorde or Frank Ocean. This is most definitely the album for you.

In this album Declan touches on life, truth, love, and the manipulation of media in today’s world. In the second song “Elevator Hum” Declan explains that he wants the people in this world to understand that we are all the same in this world no matter the status we seem to have. He repeats in the chorus I want you to believe, you’re just like me.” But the part that really caught me was “Just another California tongue, prove me wrong, but I think they all sound the same. It doesn’t matter where you’re from talking that way.” And what I gained from these lyrics is that no matter where you were from before you made it and moved to California, you get lost in that environment and forget who you are. They all start to sound the same, while saying the same things.

This has been one of my favorite projects I listened to in a long time, and I believe it is a must to listen to it. You can find this project on all platforms.